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  1. Nevermind, I found the omni in the gear list and manually slotted it in the wheel.
  2. Would be more interesting to see which NPCs no people are annoyed with. Pretty sure if DE took out a NPC every time someone complained they were annoying, the game would be empty. Watching streamers, it's funny to see like 90% of them miss it because they're always focused on entertaining chat. Kind of sad that the experience gets so diluted for them, but then that's the price of making your hobby your job, I suppose.
  3. Meh, I think Frost is the one frame that doesn't "need" a rework. I would even say he is the best balanced frame and all his abilities are useful. Even his ability mods are great. The only rework I would want for him, is for DE to fix his legs and get rid of his cankles, so that armor accessories will actually fit on him. Sure he has a delux skin with nice legs, but that completely changes the motif of his fashionframe.
  4. 1* dispo is generally not worth it for damage rolls. However, crit rolls might be worth it if you can boost the roll with a harmless negative stat.
  5. Started getting this error last week as well. I've confirmed correct port forwarding, rebooted the router, and restarting the game. Nothing fixes it. Very annoying when you can't invite or receive invites. Effectively prevents you from doing any trading or playing in a pre-made group.
  6. Save for the bugs and matchmaking issues, I like it. The recent completion of the shared loot system has only made it better for me. But then I'm not grinding railjack 24/7 and just mix it up with the older content, so that could be staving off the burn-out other people are running into.
  7. The only reason I can think of to hate Warframe console players is that they get to buy Tennogen with plat. Otherwise, most pc players pity console players for always being behind in new content. They'll have quests spoiled for them, long before they ever get to play it.
  8. I have no problems with that either. The only reason frames like Saryn are tolerated, is because of affinity sharing. Once that gets removed, there will come a surge of demand to balance all the frames. You will also see a ton of threads about "kill steal/hogging" and "door/hall campers." I'm speaking from experience, as that's basically what happened as soon as closed beta started with Volt and Excalibur. Affinity sharing is just a bandaid on the balance issues between the frames.
  9. That's a whole different issue, and would basically be what every frame with a non-channeled effect would LOVE to be able to do. They're referring to the stealth execution bonus, which continuous invisibility isn't really required for. The reason Ivara is the only frame that can maintain the stealth exp multiplier is because of her sleep arrow.
  10. Until Railjack came out, I don't think most people cared enough that DE broke it. The stealth system was a good way to farm for affinity, but then DE put in a bunch of other mechanics and game modes to farm for exp and affinity with. This is also why I question why the stealth exp is still in the game, because it seems like DE has gone out of their way to both break and replace it for a good while now.
  11. From changing control schemes to the enemy AI, it seems like DE is constantly making changes to prevent people from farming the stealth bonus. At present, the only way to build up and maintain the stealth bonus throughout a stealth run is to use Ivara or maybe Equinox(?). Every other frame or weapon that incorporates stealth mechanics like invisibility or silenced noise, will still be unable to build up and maintain the stealth bonus throughout a mission, due to how the alert system functions. Dying grunt too loud? Nearby enemies alerted, Immovable deceased hit box spotted? Enemies alerted. At this rate, why even keep that mechanic in the game if mechanics are constantly changed to prevent players from utilizing it?
  12. Noticed something that might be the cause. When being launched out of the slingshot, I notice that my sentinel's hp bar is not greyed out like it would be if I just dropped out of the ship into archwing mode.
  13. When I board a crew ship using the slingshot, my sentinel is automatically destroyed. Manually boarding a ship does not destroy my sentinel. Until it's fixed, I'd appreciate a hotfix of letting us respec/reset our intrinsics, so that I can avoid these kinds of buggy upgrades.
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