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  1. According to the drop tables, the drop chance is still 5%. That seems unreasonably low. Anything that is needed to craft a piece of equipment should count as an essential component. No essential components should have an attainable drop chance of less than roughly 15%. Leave the "snowball's chance in hell" percentages for rare mods or something. There isn't even anything we can refine or a difficulty we can knotch up to increase the drop chances.
  2. Was just coming to make this post.
  3. Must be why the drop % for the parts to make it are so low.
  4. Considering that Hildryn also has an exalted weapon has her 1, I don't think it's too unprecedented to ask that Chroma get his 1 turned into something useful, like an exalted Ignis.
  5. It's a flaming trashcan on a stick. I must have it! It's just that the farm for parts feels even more abysmal than old school void key farming, given how much useless grind you have to go through, just to get to the part of the content that can even drop the parts you need. If the drop rate is going to be that low, I wish they would put the parts into a more accessible activity, like one of the endless mission modes.
  6. I feel like at this rate, by the time I get the parts to drop, I'll be able to build as many necramechs as I can Oberons.
  7. I seem to be clipping and falling through the world a lot more since the Deimos update.
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