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Quick Question About Snow Globe.



I was going through the wiki and noticed in Snow Globes specs that during it's 4 second invulnerability period it's supposed to gain health equal to the damage dealt.  Thing is, when I see people talk about snow globe it always ends up sounding like this doesn't happen because it is only useful for the 4 second invulnerability, especially during late game.  


So, as a clarification, does it actually gain health during that period or is the wiki simply wrong?



As a secondary question, if it does gain health, why wouldn't it be useful beyond the invulnerability for late game? If it gains x amount of health during that period wouldn't it take at least another 4 seconds for it to lose x amount of health?

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Depends on what you call late game I use snow globe for anything and everything.


I'm honestly not sure what I would consider late game, 40 plus T4 Defense/Survival I guess I don't really focus on late game. I mean, if it actually does gain health with damage wouldn't it scale infinitely (At least always having ~8 seconds of protection minimum)?  Honestly the second thing was me just being curious about why people would only mention the 4 second invuln period when talking about snow globe if it did gain health, I was mostly wondering about the health thing.


Anyway, can I assume from that sentence that it does actually gain health?

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indeed in late game it last 4 sec of invulnerability and other 4 second (if they deal the same damage as they did during the 4 previous second) and not so long for the base HP... unless you have armor and power strength


Alright thanks for clearing that up.  I figure double the base invuln is a good estimation because players will probably be killing enemies/drawing fire themselves.

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