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Slash Only Weapons To Cut ( Almost ) Any Enemy Into Pieces


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As far as I know we dont have any Slash only weapon in the game. Especially with the new event mods I thought it would be nice to be able to build a high status slash only weapon to cut enemies into pieces. This would come in handy especially for Nekros' Desecrate and would be fun against the Gustrag 3. Right now we can get a high status chance but it will be random which damage type's status will proc as far as I know - limiting the highest possible slash status chance to 33.3%.


What about introducing some / a high status chance slash only weapon(s) ( or tweaks to other weapons like the Braton Prime which seems to be revised soon anyways - maybe turn it into a powerful hitscan knife ^^ )


Just a random thought. Dont hurt me please ^^


Edit : Another related crazy idea - what about mods that convert any base damage type into a single base damage type, e.g.


Slice Dice : "All base damage is converted to Slash damage"

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