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  1. I used Mecha mod set a lot and I found that it rarely spread the other proc than bleeding. I tried to find out why the mod is not working correctly at Simulacrum and I found a workaround for the problem. In order to spread the other status effects, the marked enemy must be affected by bleeding proc first. And when it dies, it will spread status effects that accumulated on it. I hope this will get fixed soon, so we don't require to use a weapon with slash status to spread the proc.
  2. It really caught me off guard, spooked me XD. The stover tracking point at the cave east of Fortuna will spawn a stover behind the player. I've tested this point a few time.
  3. Yup, as the topic says, I think we could use some bystander NPCs who can express their opinion about your fashion frame. Each NPC factions may comment on your warframe color differently and they might recognize some piece of your attachment. Also, add some new lines to Ordis would be nice too.
  4. How about a glowing animal footprint from conservation?
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