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Atterax Visual Feedback


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This is suppose to be a dangerous weapon and 2 things i think need to change. (I have NO idea if any Art teams or anything will see this)


First off the discs are all spinning the same direction. Now there are some cutter head in the alternate directions and if the head of this thing was used somewhere it would only be doing half of the job. The discs need to spin in the direction of where the pointy ends are otherwise it feels like you're hitting them with the smooth side not the grindy pointy part. Plus if its spinning the same way i think the head of the whip would try to go in a random direction.


Two when you channel the weapon i was hoping for the discs to rev up there speed since you are channeling your own energy into it. It would be a cool thing for other melee weapons to do in the future when you channel with them.


In short the discs need to rotate in the correct manner and rev up when you channel :D


I hope this is considered i LOVE this thing and i plan to use it more. I love the idle sound is makes when you stand there too.


EDIT: I don't know why but seeing half the weapon hits with the soft side of the blade bothers me a lot.


EDIT: As a friend put it. "It needs to counter rotate otherwise it would wind itself up into a ball."

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