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Burston P, Corrosive Vs Viral Max Status In Void



Ok, so now that Ive removed HC from my build im looking into maximizing my DPS through taking advantage of my burstons pretty much 100% proc chance (i proc literally every burst). I have all the dual mods so with that in mind when it comes to the void should I look more at taking advantage of the constant procing to stack viral debuff? or should i stick with corrosive? 


My current build 



proposed build


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I didnt look at the builds but I assume one is double corrosive and the other is double viral. I "think" it would be like this: If your party has corrosive projection auras (at least 3? I guess), then take viral if not, then take corrosive.


lets just assume no CP 


its really a bummer viral doesnt stack anymore

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