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Element Vs Grineer



This has been nagging at me for a while. According to wiki, viral damage is good against all types of grineer because they all compose of cloned flesh... due to cloning. Would that mean a radiation + viral combo works best against the grineer? Radiation for heavy units such as bombards and napalms, and viral for every grineer unit?


Or does the ferrite/alloy armor, covering the cloned flesh, protect from viral damage?

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Radiation and Viral is used for Grineer because even the ones that don't take Viral damage directly due to the armor covering it up (so it hits the Ferrite portion and they take neutral damage), can still get the viral proc which cuts their health in half making them a lot easier to kill anyways.

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Give this video a look: 


At the end of the day, this is a debate thats been going on since the dawn of time, and that will never have an answer. Tailor your elemental setup to cater towards killing what you struggle to kill. Personally, I struggle to kill normal units like Elite Lancers more than Heavy Gunners, so for me, running Radiation over Corrosive is better, just use what suits you more.

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People usually go corrosive vs grineers due to their annoying armor.

Anyway I would recommend viral in any case, maybe with the aura Corrosive Projection. This is extremely effective in T4 survival too, as their armor with higher level becomes too much. If you're in a squad with friends, let them take corrosive projection too to reduce the armor of grineers to 0% so you can use something different from corrosive.

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Generally gameplay only ?


Lacking points or doing ceres

Corrosive + Heat (+25% flesh + 75% ferrite)

Radiation + Toxic (+25% flesh + 25% Ferrite + 75% alloy)


For ceres you really want to keep 1 element as base.



Sufficient points

Radiation Viral (75% alloy + 75% flesh)

Viral procs helps keep damage high.




4 corrosive projection.

Lots of Viral.


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