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Seimeni Spawn Bugs


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Played Seimeni a few times to level melee weapons, but that map simply doesn't work. Let me explain why.


In every round a minimum of 2-3 enemies are stuck in or around the area where they spawned. It takes a minute to find them sometimes. This makes the runs much, much longer.


Sometimes the enemy doesn't even spawn. Just now, in my last run at the end of Wave 5 the last enemy refused to spawn and I had throw away 3 OCs and my melee XP I received in the run.


Lots of times, when the host leaves and we get a host migration the enemies spawn, but do not move. They are stuck in the cells where they spawned and only move when we get there and shoot them a few times. This makes the game into a boring Hide & Seek game.


This is getting way to tiring and frustrating. Please DE take a look at the Ceres Defense spawns, there's something seriously wrong with them.

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