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Enemies Disarmed Requested Change


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Hey there,


So anybody else find it odd that when enemies are disarmed every single one pulls out this hocus pocus stick? That happens regardless of the faction, so here are my suggestions:




A heavy unit can pull out this sword (looks so cool):




Shield lancers will drop their pistols but not their shields (Still a melee weapon technically). They can also use spears (please DE, we need these)



Your average soldier should pull out the machete



The snipers should get a cool knife or something:






The heavies can equip some electric warhammer or something




These guys can get the provas



These can get these or the Lecta:




*None of the art is mine, all taken from Google. +1 to original creators

What do you guys think?

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So in other words, add a bunch of new weapons. 


I don't think the twin queens would be expending additional funds to equip backup weapons on expendable soldiers.

It would just explain how an enemy can 1 hit kill me with melee (at higher levels this happens when they use quick melee too).

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