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Nightmare Mode Suggestions


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Today I played some nightmare mode missions so I could get some mods I needed and hopefully some other ones to sell to trade.


It was a grineer extermination on Earth, I went in believing it would be an easy solo -even for my low level mirage-. I get in and IMMEDIATELY get 1 shotted by a level 35 hellion. I forfeit and come back with my pimped out Nova who ends up doing the job. I run it a couple times and each run is a different and totally awesome experience. Each one is unique! No energy in the second one along with low gravity made it so I was struggling with large groups. Health drain and low gravity(which actually made it easier to copter) was also a fun run, and so was the timed run.


It was definitely the most fun I had in WF in a while that didn't need 20 minutes to ramp up.


I got a buddy and we did a higher level nigtmare mode mission (enemy level around 60) and that was THE MOST FUN I have had in Warframe in months. It was challenging, brutal, and frantic. We were dying, reviving, crawling away, panicking and in general having a good run of it.


But the rewards were still the same and we ended up using a good amount of ammo restore and health restores so we took a pretty huge loss to do the mission.




Have higher level nightmare mode missions give more rewards. They could also have increased loot drop rates (more mods, etc) and drop higher level loot (better resource tiers, better mod tiers, etc)

Something like this:

Base mission level    # of nightmare mods  Drop rate increase %    Drop rate quality level increase%* 

0-5                            1                                  0                                   0

5-10                          1                                  1                                   0

10-15                        1, chance of 2             1                                   1

15-20                        2                                  5                                   5

25-30                        2, chance of 3             5                                    7.5

30-35                        3                                  15                                  10

35-40                        3, chance of 4             15                                   15

40+                           4, chance of 5            20                                    20


*Percentage of loot that increases in rarity. So a 5% increase would mean that 5% of all drops would be higher quality. So orokin cells and other high level mats vs low level mats, or increased level mods. A higher value means better loot drops overall, not more loot.




For defense, survival, and interception I think at each reward tick, a chance of having a nightmare mod added onto the current reward should happen. 

For example I go to wave 10 in a nightmare defense mission. I get a tier 4 survival key AND another nightmare mod. 



The purpose of increasing the rewards from nightmare mode is to provide incentive to people to do them more often and to provide a rewarding YET challenging experience for those who want it. 


All values are just suggestions, lower or higher is totally fine. The main point is that there is a reason to do higher level nightmare missions, and therefore a reason to unlock the entire solar system. To do super awesomely hard nightmare missions while swimming in that sweet glorious loot.


The issue of not enough nightmare mods to actually do this JUST for nightmare mods is another issue for another thread.


Comments, thoughts, suggestions, flamebait? I want em' all!

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Sounds wonderful! We definitely need more nightmare mods--and reasons--for doing the higher level/planets. Right now most folks likely do all of their nightmare mod farming on the lowest planets possible, thus negating all reasons for doing any of the later planets. I say let's double the available nightmare mod pool, and give each planet a higher percentage to spawn 2-3 of them. (others could still be given, but at lower rates)


Your mentioning of restores brings me to a good point, too: regular ol' Health Restore is way too expensive compared to the Team Health Restore. >.< Make the singles cheaper and in-line with the team version, and then Nightmare modes can be more forgiving.


We could also have more variety of Nightmare modes, as well, to mimic some of the negative versions of our Mods & Auras. Decreased Holster Speed, decreased melee or gun damage, decreased accuracy, increased gravity, less stamina, less stamina recovery, double/triple the enemies, Exposure Point-type ability weakness, all enemies are eximus types, boss mode (on their nodes, all enemies are the boss), decreased health, dual ice-heat environment (i.e. both), living objects (Mirage's Sleight of Hand continually used against you), Suspicious Shipment, upside-down map tiles (only in certain areas), random invasions mid-mission, random encounters of Stalker-G3-Harvester (they weren't looking for you, and you found them), random boss encounters (tied to the planet), hostile/rogue Tenno encounters, random Archwing play, a Void Portal room shows up, huge parkour and hacking sessions are needed, etc.


I could really keep going. Truly I could. :D

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