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Pvp Builds?



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Latron Prime:

Mod1: Rime Rounds in correct polarity slot.

Mod2: High Voltage in correct polarity slot.


Tag those Bladestormspammers, permaInvisLokis etc before they exploit bugs to get cheap kills.


Rest of mods can be any order depending on preference, although crit mods will probably add a significant buff for a low cost.

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yeah the wraith would be better than latron prime in pvp. the prime version is way too luck based and unreliable. for the wriath, add 4 v polarities and a dash. that way you can mod for full dmg or build for status.

since it's a gonna be a crit build, that leaves you with 4 empty slots. fill those 4 slots with magnetic /poison, or corrosive /cold. adding shred to it is personal preference. heavycal is also personal preference, though you wont be able to hit anyone from afar, but damage would be beastly.

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You won't be hitting anyone with projectile weapons, which is why Dread is useless in PvP.


Vectis is the best weapon as you can 1-shot, assuming you're very accurate with each shot. Whatever weapon you bring, always build for toxin or magnetic/toxin; punch-through is also very useful.


Make sure you have a melee that can copter.

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You won't be hitting anyone with projectile weapons


I was just doing some 1v1 conclave using some goofy builds, and Buzlok with max punch through is absolutely worth it when you connect with that tagging round. That moment they know they are doomed and start running around like a headless Ember...


Also, Hydroid Puddle in pvp. max efficiency.

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