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Event Feedback [Gate Crash] (Wall Of Text)


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Hi there. First of all before we ALL begin to read or post I want to make sure everyone understands something:


I'm writting this after evaluating the event by myself and the runs I had with my clan members. I HAVE NOT READ ANY POST RELATED TO THIS EVENT FEEDBACK.  The reason is quite simple: I don't want other people's opinion to change my point of view at all since this is the best way that DE can get the info they want.


Second thing I want everyone to know is that I LOVE DE and their work and I will stick to this game like a maniac pretty much forever.


Now, being that clear I ask you to bear with my possible grammar mistakes as I am not a native English speaker.



Ok feedback time. When giving feedback most people just vomit what they think into the post without any particular order. Me however I'd like to take on some guidelines (specially for games) as I've been giving feedback for a long time in many games and specially closed betas.


In this particular case, I won't be very objective as I will be trying to explain my opinion about the event. Anyways feedback should always be considered as a solution to problems.



First let me define what I think are the 2 major points in the event:



1-Gameplay and difficulty

2-Lore-related opinion



Starting with number 1:


When we come down to the gameplay part there is one thing that I would want everyone to have present.


Many players crashed. I did not.

Many players lagged in these maps. I did not.

Many players had a lot of connection issues. I did have a lot and bad. And it was specifically only for the event maps/battles.

Some players found the controls in these battles to be clumsier and over all harder to move around with the warframe (excluding any possible movement reductions from exposure).  I did feel it too. It was harder to move around these maps than ever.


So the many and multiple disconnections and impossibility to form squads most of the time, added to the strange feeling of not being able to move around properly didn't give me (and my clan members) the best of the impressions about the event.



Now that we finally got into the game and I get to play it.... new event ! Yeeey! (somewhat) New maps and play mode!! Yeey! We all liked it (despite the lore contradictions that bugged me and that I will discuss later on) but...and here's my main concern. The event was a grind. It was repetitive and it felt like years went by while we tried to finish it.  And it bothered me a lot. More than it should have.


Being this the event that didn't look like a grind at all compared to older events, this one just made the switch go off. It's a grind. It was repetitive and boring after 5 runs. 


And let's not mention how the lotus never considers we might already know what to do after we've ran that thing 5, 7 , 9 10, 13, 14 times...she always had the messages for us like we were totally new to it and idiots.


But don't get me wrong, the idea of this event having to go on 3 planets was very nice and wouldn't have felt at all like a grind if it wasn't because it was tightly holding hands with Miss Strange Difficulty.


And here I get into the difficulty part. Let's start talking about the grineer sisters. They were way too easy even in the last run. all you needed to take was a decently modded dual ichors and you would have the job done.


Now let's talk about the exposure system. The exposure system was really cool in my opinion but it had major flaws that made it beyond awful. A frost's glove that usually lasts 80 seconds lasting only 1.75 and being the size of a golf ball? trinity's link 0.2 seconds long? Loki's invisibility....well this one I won't complain it stopped the people that wanted to go the easy way... but still my point is after 10 exposure it was past ridiculous.  After 7-8 runs we all decide it was stupid to keep trying to come up with an strategy so we put on rhinos with the highest possible health, shield and armor and went through the missions with ridiculous high dps weapons. That ended up making it more boring. We wanted to be strategic about it, frost globe here, vauban vortex there, trinity healing over there ect ect but it was impossible


There are better ways to make it difficult. For example have the enemy actually attack the 2 generators that you're supposed to defend...Or higher level enemies/bigger waves.Enemies coming from 2 different points, I would just stand there shooting the portal entrance with my ogris while i yawned.


Then after the generators were done it was a race to the grineer sisters to see whose dual ichors would tear them apart first and another rush back. at some points when the door was gone I would go back to extraction while my friends dealt with the sisters...that way we could speed up the unbearable grind.



Over all, the gameplay left us with a very nasty and bitter flavor in our mouths and it felt like a really tiring and boring grind that resulted in no fun.


-will edit if i remember something more-




2- Now let us get to the second major point the lore and this event.


I won't take too long in this one as I'm not a lore expert but I still have some questions that are the core to this section



Why did everyone talk about it being the void if it was the derelict?  The maps were the derelict instead of the void as said...and the only "void-looking" part was the generator room. As I understood it the derelict ships are ships that could no longer enter the void (?) and they were left behind.



Never mind I just read the main article about it and the lotus did say 

much of it is corrupt but what little it does reveal is invaluable. We now know that more information exists and we must look for it in Orokin Derelicts locked in the Void.

So I guess that one is my bad for not reading properly the first time.



Now to end this I will try to keep these few considerations in mind :


  • Ask yourself: “How can I make this content "better"?  - Adding more lore explanations. This would just have made it a lot better.
  • Consider: How do you think this particular element or aspect of the game could be improved?  Now here is were I will write a list of the stuff that in my opinion should have been done:
  • -Make the Grineer Sisters harder to beat but not by having them jump more into the air. The single moment they jumped enraged me.
  • -Reconsider the Exposure system. Players could not have fun with it. I'm not against the hard difficulty but I AM AGAINST THE IMPOSSIBILITY of having an actual squad or strategical warframe setup to clear the battle. All powers were negated and we all just took our rhinos to survive since using any powers was out of question.
  • -Shorter Battles so it doesn't feel like a grind. I'm talking about all the maps you had to walk thru to get from one point to the other and then back to extraction.
  • -More variety on the stuff to do once inside the battle.
  • -Add the surprise effect. Example: sometimes, randomly, the key would break and lock you on the other side so you would have to find an alternative route. Have to transmit an SOS message to your ship and wait defending yourself until it arrived.
  • -Have the enemies actually attack the generators so you have to defend them. Also having the infested coming in would have been nice...but if you killed them before entering the portal room no more would spawn or come to mess with you.


  • Consider: How have you seen this particular problem solved in other games? I've seen many games have grind events some really bad some really good. Some games lowered the grinding we had to do in the event and some other games, the one I consider that won my respect, those masked the grinds with alternatives and different choices or surprises so it would not be repetitive.


PS:  This thread was intended to be more organized and stick to certain feeback-giving rules but after almost 3 hours writting it I am tired and I just want to be done with it.

I hope this helps DE a bit and we see new events being more fun. 

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This thread was intended to be more organized and stick to certain feeback-giving rules but after almost 3 hours writting it I am tired and I just want to be done with it.

Ironically, I think this is a great tl;dr both for your experiences writing the post, and the event in general. You aren't alone in your feeling either.


Your first point has been covered by others already in earlier, threads, but is definitely a comprehensive take and I think especially relevant are the arguments you made against the Exposure system (though there are some extended consequences you might find interesting to complement your overall view on the event, which you may or may not have experienced with your clan). Exposure is quite possibly the single biggest opinion-divider for the community.


Your second point is pretty valid too before you crossed it out... the lore aspect was supposed to drive the event, the way it was presented to us. The event was supposed to be about releasing tidbits of lore in the leadup to U15 rather than introduce new game content, and in this, I think your questions you had were definitely valid - the clarification wasn't entirely too obvious, and in a more general sense, I get the feeling you didn't find the event background particularly compelling either if you had to ask them in the first place. Hence, the event might have fallen flat for this purpose as it did for me. Clearly, gameplay wasn't there to rescue the event either.

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I love you for reading it all. I wanted it to be more organized and complex but I couldn't maybe with further discussions i here I can help everyone see some points more clear.

And yes i was about to edit in th lore part that even after having it crossed out now it still feels like the even is too spontaneous or just a filling to hype us for archwing...we know archwing is comming and it's inevitable yet the grineer fight us...

Im probably not explaining myself well...it's just that the event left a bad feeling or lack of sense overall

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Im feeling the same way that you do, really... i did the 15 exposure (in fact were 16-17 times, because i didnt got one or two points, don't remember) in the same night that the event came out. It was tedious as F*** and i even carried some Dragon Keys for the Vault... when there was vaults and it was a little bit more difficult, but then, this was just the same thing over and over and over...


About putting some Lore behind the event was good, but the way that they put the lore like "hey, you saw the birdlifter (arcwing) in the TennoLive 2014?, no? well, anyways i'll give you this event to know that they're comming" for new players (and i mean NEW players, with no more than 3 weeks of experience) they just... don't know what is an Arcwing, so i feel like the event objective, wich is introducing Arcwing in the game's lore, is the half that DE wanted to tell us, there was sooo many missing points in the Lore, like *prepares Lotus imitation*  "Tenno, we have discovered in the Orokin Derelicts a new tecnology that can expand our arsenal to mining and recover resources for our cause" and then, exploring the Derelict, we find the Grineer Portal... "Wait for a moment, the grineer shouldn't be here, stand by while i discover their intentions" and then the mission can changes to close the portal and blah blah blah... (of course, we should change the entire event to fit this^ into the game)


Also... please DE, stop making us Grind, we already have lots of stuff to grind, now we want a little bit of fun!


Ps: I'm also a no native english speaker, so bear with me.

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I love you

Awh, I love me too :)


I think you've covered most of the popular points of criticism for this event I've seen, though you can check out the General and Mission Feedback subforums for scattered threads, which, in the absence of a megathread, I've tried to compile here. You'll see that your perspective isn't all that uncommon - it's a majority view at least among the active posters on the forums.


"hey, you saw the birdlifter (arcwing) in the TennoLive 2014?, no? well, anyways i'll give you this event to know that they're comming"

+1 lols.

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