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  1. Nothing to say but thanks. For listening. for understanding, for doing what many others would never do. Thank you DE.
  2. What's the point of the Arbitration store if all the rewards are diluted in the drop tables making it near impossible to get what you want after hours of playing arbitrations? Many rewards would be better in the store than behind the low % drop chances. If what DE wants is to make us work for them they just need to increase the number of tokens the items cost.
  3. The Komorex Weapon Research REMOVES 20k Clan Affinity as per this post
  4. This is intended. It's a feature present with many other exalted weapons or channeled abilities.
  5. Cautious Shot is still very useless at mitigating self damage. The core problem is not only how much self damage is still done to the user but also how in-existent shield gating is. This post for example makes a good example for it:
  6. Please tell me the time exclusive is a bad joke. Please do not do this to us. Like me there are many players with tight working schedules that can't afford to play all the time !
  7. Some very concerning problems that I have found with the new system and I think should be fixed asap: Guardian Derision can't be activated manually now. Can't aim-glide in melee mode. This needs to be back so we can aim-glide without beeing zoomed in...I like to see where i'm going when I aimglide and melee aimglide was perfect for this. -Tied to the above point, exodia contagion is now a pain to use. Volt drops the riot shield if you try to aimglide in melee Some of the combos that require me to hold RMB in melee make me go back to pistol mode and interrupt my combo. No way of activating alt-fire on a gun straight from melee mode...this sucks for some weapons where I only use their alt-fire. Holding datamass has somehow become very unreliable and is dropped a lot when I aimglide...not sure if bug or not. Also I have NO WAY of telling what gun (primary or secondary) I will be in when I switch from melee making this very tedious. most of the same I find myself back on primary when I had been using my secondary previously. Autoparry stops me from charging gunblade shots... My dear Mios is a mess now...so many wrong things with it now that I don't know where to begin. Any way that we get polearm quick melee back? I really liked the orthos' quick melee for stealth runs... Using melee with archgun bugs me and I can't use melee again. My opinion: The idea behind the changes is very good and the system is great in principle but we have lost many things that we needed and used. Blocking and aim-gliding in melee mostly. If you're willing to make radical changes to your game systems that's fine but please be willing to revert some of them or implement them in another way so we can have back what we lost. It would be wonderful to aim-glide in melee again.
  8. Kingping system when? Can we please have a profile rework/update? I'd love to display my fav warframe or my current main warframe not the warframe and waepons that I used the most for the first 400hours of the game 6 years ago...
  9. Kingpin system when? Any plans on a game mode that can provide non-grindy but long-term gaming hours? We seriously need more content drop this year to stay engaged in warframe. K-drives also need to become meaningful...they are super cool but archwing just does it better and faster. K-drives going uphill or navigating rough terrain are pretty bad...some physics with it are just broken as seen in the way they stay horizontal all the time when navigating uneven terrain. WE could at least get some type of loc-pin to create our own races around fortuna, that would be pretty nice.
  10. Will something be done to make the profit taker and orb fights a bit more survivable with other frames other than tank frames? I can't do anything against it because of the one-shots even if I equip full survival mods leaving my warframe useless in anything and not very good at staying alive after all the trouble of giving up mods for health/armor etc
  11. I bought 2 K-drives with platinum and got no MR points from them, when is this going to be fixed?
  12. Can we get Kdrives, kitguns and moas added to the profile to know which parts give MR points? it's important to not be repeating the same part for nothing
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