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  1. Necramech that had been maxed to level 30 pre-update is now showing double in the profile window. shows as incomplete and it shows in two entries. forma'd it and raised it to lvl 31 but still showing broken. patch notes said if a player had maxed it pre-update it would be ok
  2. The infested k-drive parts are in my inventory but I can't find them in the foundry to craft them
  3. I have the new infested K-drive parts in my inventory but I can't find them in the foundry to craft them.
  4. This is not the right fix, this can now be used to get a better spawn rate to farm exp faster. instead of simply increasing the number to 5 tries for the bonus you did this, now people will use it to get more exp on necramechs and such.
  5. The new infested Kdrive parts don't show up in foundry to be built so I can't make the new kdrive. The new orbiter colors are off...when I put a golden tint in some sections it turns the new sections added pink instead of golden. specially noticeable in the front
  6. Blazing pillage augment on Volt (subsumed Hildryn) is not working. I already reported this in the other thread.
  7. TYPE: In game, augment not working on subsumed skill DESCRIPTION: I subsumed hildryn for her pillage. Installed it on other warframes. The blazing pillage augment does not work on them. It does NOT proc the heat damage and it does not restore additional shields. It allows you to install it but it's currently not working in any way. VISUAL: Hard to give one without a video, which i can't record. REPRODUCTION: Constantly, install hildryn's pillage on other frames via subsume and equip pillage augment. it doesn't work. EXPECTED RESULT: Augment works, heat proc happens and
  8. TYPE: in game, Nekralisk, Son DESCRIPTION: Can't gild new infested pets. Menu says pet can't be gilded previously but it wasn't. Pet is rank 30 and says max in UI but can't be gilded. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Every time you try to gild one of the new infested pets when it has reached rank 30 EXPECTED RESULT: Ability to gild new infested pets so you can progress with the pet. OBSERVED RESULT: Pet is level 30 pre-gilded. Hasn't been gilded. menu says it must be max rank and not gilded before. pet meets both requierements but is not allowed to
  9. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: The avichaea hunt in the region shown in picture is completely bugged and impossible to do. For me this seems to be the only avichaea hunt I can find and it always starts in the same place and has the same problems. -Tracks don't spawn at the very start. -Tracks are impossible to follow as they go over the cerebrum magna "moving" flesh and the pulsing/moving flesh hides the tracks completely. -Once you manage somehow to get to the objective to use the lure call and succeed at taht, the avichaea spawns inside the flesh of cereb
  10. wait what? is there more than one vault? what? where is this explained? in game I only get a marker to one vault.
  11. nevermind I didn't read well. sorry.
  12. So if you press L on your keyboard (usually when you're in the pilot or turret seats the UI will display in the right part of your screen) the tactical menu will open. if it doesn't open it means that you need to go to options and check your key bindings to make sure what key it is and assign one that you like or default it to L. The tactical option is at the very bottom of the key bindings screen, just scroll to the bottom and you should see it After that, when you press L (or the key that you assigned) the tactical screen will open during railjack missions. if you're on the railj
  13. This is a really cool system but please mind how broken it can get with some combinations. be on top of it before release rather than making nerfs after, it will get some hate otherwise
  14. is no one going to say how the syndanas all go straight through nova's plastic epic butt? ;~; it always kills me to see the syndana clipping so bad with nova's butt xD
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