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  1. Rewards in steel path are still extremely low and bad. There is little incentive to complete these taxing missions right now since they don't offer much. I really hope there is a significant increase in rewards for this mode or it will be very pointless. Also, Steel Essence is still a problem for me. I've only found the one you get from completing planets. And personally I must say that the Ropalolyst fight is disgusting in Steel Path, specially the operator damage part of it.
  2. Limbo duration build + Paracesis. Public groups seem to do well too.
  3. No, I run it on windows 10. And yes I have deferred renderer activated. It didn't cross my mind it could be that. I didn't try disabling it to test as I like running the game with it. Bug is still happening as of yesterday.
  4. Understandable on this issue, but for other things....please DE you can't nerf every single way that we have of dealing with high level content.
  5. It happens with the teplo syandana and other tennogen syandanas that I've seen around too. When you equip it on any frame there's a floating cylinder in front of your frame's chest.
  6. The new tileset rework is amazing but there need to be MORE nodes with these tilesets. It's a shame to see so little and barely be able to find a mission of the type that you'd like in the new tilset. For example spy: there's only one in pluto with the new tileset. I love seeing the new vaults but I hate seeing the amazing rework and pipe systems and everything just to have them permanently closed and unusable because the node is too high level. previously low level spy nodes had all ways open and it was cool to see these things. now all the work is for nothing, most people will miss half of the reworked areas because there aren't enough tilesets to experience them at all the possible level ranges
  7. Finally...to be honest I was getting bored of seeing so many brammas around.
  8. Volt's capacitance still doesnt affect sentinels.
  9. Any news on updated, improved profile? the way your "Most used" gear is calculated is awful for players with many hours in the game and nearly impossible to replace at this point. It would be nice to have a better updated profile
  10. While you're at it why not make volt's capacitance affect sentinels and pets?
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