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Armor On Frost/rhino


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It seems, according to Wiki, that the Steel fiber mod at max level mitigates an extra 15% from the innate 60%. This is after about 10 upgrades, which seems to be about a 2% damage mitigation per level.

Long story short, No.

It is not worth spending all those mod points on a mere 15% damage mitigation, when Redirection (Max Shield mod) gives 40% more per level.  Armor doesn't even work on shields. Steel fiber, at the moment, in my opinion, is kind of worthless.

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Since both Rhino and Frost are at 150 base armor, an extra 16.5/17 armor doesn't really do much. Plus armor is only there to make you more resistant once your shields are gone, but that will rarely happen when using either of these frames with "Redirection" mod on them. I don't think even "Vitality" is necessary, so I think you should save those credits and mod slot for something more useful. Also, if you pair up "Redirection" with some "Fast Deflection  you'll never worry about dropping shields too low, and Rhino has "Iron Skin", which can also allow you to recharge shields, getting you out of any pinch. Frost simply has "Snow Globe" but, finding a spot to take a recharge rest is easy enough too.

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in response to the OP


since both Frost and Rhino are supposed to have a base 150 armor


technically the Steel Fiber's +% would be the same at any given rank on both frames




as far as the question of "is it worth it?" you have to decide that for yourself, me personally, I'd like to see the SF get buffed to 15-20% per rank instead of just 10%, but that's because prior to U7 I had 4 +70% armor mods and that was just enough to keep me alive in some tight spots (so it wasn't godmode)


now this was prior to the poison nerf (previously poison dmg from things like toxic ancients was @(*()$ LETHAL), so conversely some of the most dangerous damage out there has been lessened


still I don't think that Steel Fiber is worth the mod points compared to say Vitality, if i had to choose, of course on Frost/Rhino, I'd max both and use both, FWIW

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Frost I would consider it, but Rhino, no; b/c shield recharge during Iron Skin you're only going to take health damage from poison effects, which ignore armor anyways.


Because of the synergy between armor and healthpool, I would only consider a +armor mod for Saryn (base health 150, armor 100)

Edit: Works fine with Frost too. Rhino would gain the most benefit but due to Ironskin the concept is moot.


+Armor % basically works on a scale that makes it +survival time %. So you will live 50% longer with +50% armor while taking health damage.


So if you're taking, say, 100 damage per second after the original armor mitigation, with Saryn's lvl 30 health pool of 450 plus a Rank 6 Vitality mod = +420 hp = 870 hp = You die in 8.7 seconds

After the +50% armor mod, you die in 13 seconds.


In this scenario, the +50% armor mod becomes equivalent to 435 extra health (actually more than the vitality mod gives you)


On Frost, at level 30 with a rank 6 vitality you have 580 health, and die in 5.8 seconds. With +50% armor, you die in 8.7 seconds, and the armor mod is worth only 290 health (Still about the same as the rank 6 vitality mod of +280% hp). Hrm, something seems wrong with this, expected them to be worth the same... OH!


Note that you're actually taking more damage on Frost with this example... OH! I'm an idiot.


Scratch the above:

On Frost, if you're taking the same damage as Saryn was taking in order for her to lose 100 health per second, you are losing health at a rate of 66.666 health/sec. You survive for 8.7 seconds without the armor mod, and 13 seconds with it, making the armor mod the equivalent of ~+285 health (or 280%, the rank 6 vitality).




You have to use both vitality and +armor together tho. +50% armor on Frost without vitality at level 30 is only worth ~150 health (or rank 2-3 vitality)

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Hrm, should work equally well on all frames. If you are planning on taking direct health damage, +armor is equally valuable as +health%, regardless of your base values. For example:


Trinity health tank;

300 + 440 = 740 health

+110% armor = 21 armor


Taking 100 dps at 10 armor = taking 47.5 dps at 21 armor, 15.6 sec survival time, +390 effective health


Of course your still taking WAAAY more damage than Rhino, but the ratio of effectiveness of armor and health is about equal. Take both, or neither for direct damage.

100 dps at 10 armor = 6.7 dps at 150 armor

450 + 660 = 1110 hp, 150 armor +110% = 315 armor

6.7 dps at 150 armor = 3.2 dps at 315 armor

Base time to death is 166 seconds, with armor its 347 seconds, or equivalent of +580 health

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