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Game Crashes In Void And Derelict


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I was doing 3 missions today where my game crashed - two Derelict Exterminates, and a Tower 1 Survival. All three times, I was at least 10 mins in (during the survival, the timer was at 20 mins, can I just say this was a bummer cause I had gotten an Oberon blueprint), and a minute or two before the actual crash, Lotus's audio would cut. All other audio works, but Lotus's portrait would appear on the left but not actually say anything, then black screen and crash to desktop. Progress was not saved. 


I was, however, able to do a Derelict Defense mission earlier no problem, and we lasted up to wave 20 so it must have taken at least as long as the first three. I'm not sure what causes the crash, unfortunately.


Thank you for your time and I hope this helps. 



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Yes, but it said there was an error with reporting. It said, submitting issue to server...done! but the next page said that it was unable to send the report, and that I should go here... and here I am, haha. 


I'm sorry, I know this isn't as helpful as it could be. If it happens again I'll definitely get screenshots. I was expecting it to be a one-off bug, unfortunately. 

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