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Can We Please Preview Targis Prime Armor In The Ui?


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The accessories pack cost so much because of the boosters that elder players don't even need.  :(

I bought Loki's Accessories last second. I snapped, couldn't take it anymore, given that Daman Prime is the only current Sugatra displaying a full stream of energy, instead of just occasional pores with energy (i.e Pazza). So...I still have 80+ days left on the boosters, and I'm debating whether or not to get the armor now. I think I may buy it last second, so basically infinite booster cycle. Then again, I may snap again and just straight up buy 'em, and the boosters will send me straight back to 90. I'm no elder, I just reached Rank 11, so this "could" be good for me. Then again, people say the want the cosmetics individually without the boosters, so I may just focus solely on the cosmetics.

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Shameless bumping because I would very much like to see this get implemented; prime accessories gear is always difficult to get a good read on from the prime access page (particularly the images in the accessories panel), and you can only get so much from other people's screenshots. In my case, I did not get the Daman Prime sugatra (like I did not get the Misa Prime syandana, though in that case it was more severe as the accessories option was not yet a thing) because I was unable to convince myself that I wanted the contents of the option enough to pay for the entirety.


I think this would be a great feature as well, however, they should only be previewable while available if this is implemented, in my humble opinion.  


Would be kind of lame to be able to preview armor that you know you could never get because prime access expired etc...


+1 to this as well, because the ability to preview what you can no longer get would definitely be something to avoid. If nothing else, it would certainly fuel more threads in the style of the chronic Founders Gear arguments. Nobody wants that...

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