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Tower 4 Capture - No Reward


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Not sure if it was fixed, but there was also a time that sometimes the reward showed up after you got back to your ship.  (need a video playing from start to finish all the way to the ship O_o)


This seems to be the case with credits still.


So my guess is that you got it. Just the UI not registering what you got explicitly. (unranked rare cores bug from the void often means you got the rarex5 pack-which are actually fully ranked)

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Seems like OP was (un)lucky as I was.

Did T4 Capture today and this is my reward:






(after checking my inventory)


A single unranked R5 core. Not five but one. And it's unranked.


To me this looks broken.

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If yall want to nail this on the head, in addition to those to pics (like post 8 by anuchit1977), quickly navigate to 'mods' and have the drop down tool bar set to 'most recent' and take a snap shot of that.


Time stamps (by getting the chat box within the pics) would be great as well -> more proof that the pics/events are linked. With that ur claim is nearly irrefutable I believe.


If someone does link that, I suggest any reader/player to start upvoting that post# to get de's attention.

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