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Extremely Dark Areas In The Stage


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Let's play find the Grineer!

Here are the rules (Based on true events. Names have been withheld to protect the innocent.)...

Your low rank new Tenno has just been ambushed by 2 Shotgun guys and a Sniper while on a solo Mercury alert, since they were lurking in the dark in a fairly labyrinthine area. You eventually kill them off, but are left with very little health. You head upstairs and another alerted Grineer is there. Since your health is already low, you have one second to spot them.




"Your loadout is too weak! Your loadout is too weak!"

Already forgot that I said it was a low rank Tenno, eh? I'm guessing you saw an alien, MIB showed and neuralized you. You can't forget that fast!

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Yeah this is why I don't like Grineer missions. Too dark. Needs fixing.

Or add a night & thermal vision devices. Or at least, attachable scopes with night / thermal vision.






I hate Earth missions at night - almost impossible to play w/o tweaking Gamma and Brightness. Completely impossible if i don't have a gun with flashlight - only melee.

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