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  1. Well... that's a bummer. This is everything but what I was hoping for... Reading this made me really hopeful it'd be about companions, at least pets to make all their abilities interchangable per type to avoid having a local zoo on the ship: Predasite & Helminth Charger Vulpaphyla Kubrow Kavat Each of these would simply have complete access to all ability mods. So the Players could just have one pet per type, switching their abilities whenever needed similar to MOA. Not to mention gaining some side-effects: extra ability, slots or stats increase. Or long
  2. Another major flaw is that Crewships piloted by the Player also don't pickup loot, or at least don't have the vacuum range of the RJ ship. It would've also been nice to have the same access to its systems as an AI does, so this is about a bit more interaction with the Crewships. Being able to launch the Ramsleds into another Crewhip: Manually rig the pod with explosive with a prompt, using resources you acquire along the way. This will inflict direct damage, permanently reducing the Crewship's Hull by 50% (first it breaches the hull and then detonates inside), and if the
  3. This is something I had in my mind for a long time and was hoping that the latest Railjack update would address it, but... ah well... Here's a couple of ideas that could potentially help to flesh out the mode. BATTLEFIELD I really like the intensity system that was introduced with the Orb Vallis landscape, and it's strange other places, including the Railjack mode where it definitely makes sense, don't have such thing. For example, it coud go this way: Disturbance in the sector Calm Low magnitude Medium magnitude High magnitude Calm Meaning,
  4. As if Railjack had complexity of its fights to begin with, and not being an auto-generated tileset in a straight or curved line following the same formula: [ Spawn | -> | Fighters| -> | Fighters & Crewships | -> | Objective & Ramseld spam | -> | Fighters & Crewships | -> | Objective & Ramseld spam ] - with all the fighters aggroing on the ship and either flying right at you to get rammed/shot in the cockpit or chase you. Curious to see how the new Railjack performs (both power and survivability-wise) outside cut-scenes where it takes chances agai
  5. WellWell, since you're asking... heh. Short answer: it's just different strokes for different folks 🤷‍♂️ Long answer: Warframe started with its unique distinct design. But with all those oversized bows, swords, anime-influenced designs and the most recent controversial wings and yadda yadda yadda, people started thinking the game loses its touch and immersion, getting more and more "typical MMO"'d in that regard. Mynki's departure didn't help either. While it's a fact that people have different tastes, I dare to say that we're approaching the point where having a "hide other pla
  6. I wonder if that many players who are defending its build time are out of touch with new reality of the game. Let's be honest, perception gets clouded when you play for 8 years straight, swimming in Platinum, vaulted relics (may I remind you that back in Void days we had a Void Key dropping a Pre-built Forma), and getting another Forma is just an automatic process to check on your Foundry whenever you log in. We project our "experience" onto the other players. I may not approve many ways of DE dumbing down general gameplay to the point where they have to scrap coop and teamplay elements,
  7. I honestly feel bad for everyone who had enough patience and time to grind and repair 30 wreckage parts. Our clanmate picked us up straight to Saturn, we saw the wreckage's costs and then went through it right to Veil Proxima after Mk.III gear, effectively ignoring all the Mk.I and Mk.II althogether, as the cost of progression from Mk.I to Mk.III in total was insane, and after that it was just one simple goal: grind the hell out of the objectives to get the best or close to it basic parts (Reactor, Shield Array, Engine). I didn't care of any armaments thanks to the avionics I had, as I ha
  8. It's also a shame that the Beam range mods aren't in the Riven's stat list, either. Now that we have Primed Fulmination/Firestorm, this makes me even more sad Being a Flux Rifle lover, I still have hope for Vandal or Lich version of it with increased stats and range, sigh.
  9. Ah, the good ol' «you're playing wrong, let me tell you how you must play» mentality
  10. Here's mine. After playing for months, I can't come up with any word but "perfection". It's not boring to play nor she's nuking the maps alone in Public modes. She quickly became my favorite frame, as she's got it all: support of all kinds (dispenser, Energize) and enemy debuff (armor, heat procs), CC (with Grenade Fan being put in choke points), damage dealing (turrets) and survivability in general. I went for Pillage to compensate her major flaw: Turrets being less efficient against the Corpus' shielded enemies and just enemies in general having armor-plating. These are two moment
  11. I could probably say the same regarding events... I miss the Gradivus Dilemma event. Some call it grindy as hell and tedious, but for me the sheer amount of various rewards ('tatos, credits, Lab weapons etc., not a lousy chance to obtain some item X that hundreds of which could be spent on so-called rewards) and pure joy and excitement it gave me (replaying the same node for 100 times just so Grineer would get hold of a sector w/o getting tired) can't be topped by any latest event. - I probably missed some good rewards while doing this, but I had fun of doing so and no regrets.
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