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  1. True. It also could help both developers to better understand their playerbases, assuming they will listen to feedback or play the games themselves, of course. Can confirm, 90% of my friends are playing D2 now, teaming up for Sorties in WF and then going back to D2
  2. Personal projects in free time tend to be treated with more passion, though. When compared to your work stuff with time constraints and final approvals from supervisors and possibilities to ship it and then fix it, the only deadline you have is when you're finally happy with the result. The best analogy is probably the quality difference between modding communities and game developers.
  3. Hah, I had the same thoughts before, caused mostly by the way ME3 handled it. In fact, ME3MP, despite its flaws and bugs, handled telegraphs and notifications amazingly-well (not counting ninja Praetorians, heheh). So, grenades in ME3: Visuals: Red icon when thrown, indicating its location Red trail when thrown Flashing proximity icon Sound: Short 'draw' click, landing 'click' and countdown beeping with fuse whistle Here: (And at 24:18, too) Honestly, I don't have issues with grenades, but having some improved warnings wouldn't hurt.
  4. To be fair, it's a matter of removing just one particular mechanic which DE shoehorned right after they unscrewed continuous weapons and thought it was a brilliant balancing move (it wasn't😞 edit: think, some of these could be weapon-specific, but ramp up mechanic did screw continuous weapons once again.
  5. Meta this, meta that... You're fighting or trying to fight the mentality which is quite different from the tools you have at your disposal. Don't be like meta-lovers - play the way you want to and don't look at them. Try to minimize whatever YOU don't like about YOUR weapon. And screw the ones that come and «hurr durr your build is lame, this is how you should build it». The only real meta for weapons are Vigilante multishot and PT mods. And even the PT ones come at price: lowering damage output/ammo efficiency to be able to hit several targets at once. Serration, Split Chamber and 60/60 (yeah, how about we get a 90% Status mod as an Elemental counterpart, DE?) or crit mods for Status/crit guns are simply mandatory. Though Rivens mods can help ditching those if you're lucky... The only Exilus mods that will be allowed to be used in the slot should be: Accuracy mods Ammo Mutators Ammo capacity mods Cautious Shot Conclave-PvE mods Delayed triggers mods (Adhesive Blast) Holster rate mods Projectile speed mods Reload rate Status Duration Suppressors Zoom level ///////////////////////// Recoil is debatable, since it's pretty much malleable with one's mouse/macros/controller anyway. /////////////////////////
  6. Replace Skimitar's carpet farting with a sentinel reinforcements drop that will deploy new sentinels for you and allies (if they got their destroyed, too). Voila. No need for brainstorming or band-aid mods/mechanics. Let's be real, if they didn't make Xiphos turret scale past Lv.30, they won't even consider making the Scimitar worthwhile to use (unless you want style points). But at least this way it will be used way more often.
  7. This is what I always wanted from him Give him a Raptor-like drone which can be modded for support or offense...
  8. It's kinda offtopic, since it's not about the booster situation, but the same thing (or almost the same), unfortunately, revolves around so many stuff in the game: from WIPs to upcoming changes, or even PSA. There're dedicated subforums here for that exact content, but, sadly, 80% of the time people find out about those via Twitter, YT channels or subreddit, but not here :F And about this: I might've sounded harsh earlier in the original thread, but I will still stick to my opinion (it's not bashing or ranting, it's just pointing out the obvious flaws) that situations like this could've been handled years ago if you'd dedicate some time to find alternative ways to obtain rare mods: Nightwave stock, Baro stock, weekly missions reward rotations, Syndicate assassins etc. Fine, you can keep the drops at low %s, but having an alternative that doesn't lead to being burnt out is always good. This also involves resources. Why not put bundles (not in 300 units) in Syndicates, Simaris, OV/PoE miners' stock as well as increasing their amount in Sabotage caches? This encourages to play the game, to play the missions that people, otherwise, would've rushed through. TL;DR: not addressing core issues and even escalating them has some bad long-term consequences. Just remember that initial Nekros release and then augments and more loot-frames is an actual lootball snowball of problems, not solutions. And attempts to reduce drop-rates or interfere with the mechanics that worked well so far is just simply putting sticks in your own wheels
  9. I'm just gotta say I totally didn't expect a twist like this. I'd say I couldn't care less if it wasn't for recent farming frames nerfs. I won't believe you didn't see the backlash coming, not after a bad track record. No matter how much I respect (there's respect and there's truth) you or the game, you did have a long list of fishy screw-ups. And it surprises me you didn't even try to prepare the grounds/crowd, not after the nerfs. This reminds me about those operator masks they put in Nakak's stock. But (correct me if I'm wrong) I don't think they were available for purchase since then. To think, the perfect example of Valve Time DE Time or DE's ETA would be the infamous Primed Chamber which they keep claiming as `a not exclusive thing`, yet here we are - it remains so one way or another, being gifted as 1-3 copies occasionally once a year. So, yeah, they try to keep it exclusive or at least like some pearl. It's not a drop from Eidolons or Orb-Mothers / ESO / Simaris tasks or stock / Sortie / Disruption etc. There are many ways to re-introduce it while keeping it rewarding, yet they either continue treating it like like a bait for whales or they are afraid to piss said whales off who threw in so much cash for the mod. They have already released Braton Vandal and Lato Vandal (and this one was a promised exclusive 'thank you' for CBTesters). Or... I wonder if people remember how it was literally impossible to breed a Chesa kubrow if you've upgraded your incubator via in-game segment drop (which ironically came out at the same time) The biggest irony is that devs ignored all reports that something is feeling wrong or fishy, not until VoiD_Glitch shared some info leading to conclusion that you simply can't breed it because there are no sections for Chesa at all. And only then, after another confirmation people have contacted DE staff via PM with datamine proof(!) to report it. Is it shady? Yes. Was it intentional? Nobody knows. But by that moment (and even stronger by now) it was well-known that DE can play dirty (especially with the farming warframes. Just a remainder: they started it by themselves with Nekros. They escalated it by themselves by releasing more farming-specific frames and augments. And then they let it run for way too long. Now they're nerfing it for Nth time to get backlash). But then again, at the end of the day it all comes down to juts one thing - money. The only difference is how fair and friendly you do it. Maybe and SOON in Warframe? These pretty much are the equivalents of Black Mesa's Xen release date. I'm not salty or mad, I'm just being pessimistic after all the stuff I've witnessed since 2013.
  10. Agreed. I spent an hour doing (actually 2, I think doing nothing but the alert) the same thing every 5 minutes and only got how much... 600 pears out of required 4000? I think there's water in my ears... I can hear it... It's quite saddening that we keep hearing «we're still learning how to make gameplay rewarding» statements, but when it comes to actually applying what they learned to future work... well, let's just say that the history tends to repeat itself and involves: absurd requirements / goals, natural community backlash, no response from DE, DE finally (sometimes, let's be honest here) addressing the issue, or even apologizing for something they could avoid on Day-1. Even if takes a year or two (PoE and OV economy and reward changes are the main examples). As for the Dog Days: They could reward a player with a pearl drop per kill which actually incentives players to play, not to abuse / exploit the mode due to poor game design (because it is). EDIT: even better, they could apply the Index points streaks for pearls: kill X enemies and collect pearls without dying and you get bonus pearls. They could make it so killing 1 Grineer equals -5 seconds off the timer, and dying would add 5 seconds to it. At the very least, they could just cut the prices, because this is simply insane - and this comes from a guy who grinded the hell out of the Defection event, or any other event. I love DE, but as one person said in one of the DDs threads: DE have an exceptional skill of turning entertaining, really interesting events and missions into a repetitive chore that kills any part of entertainment real fast. 🤷‍♀️
  11. While I like this such little, yet very impactful change, I think the greatest QoL would be merging these augments with base power to encourage cooperation and team play in the coop-based game. Surely there are some neat «unreleased» versions of these augments that could interest more people. AFAIK, your plans were to «release an augment for every single ability before starting another wave of augments for the same powers», but at the current rate of «adding augments : releasing new warframes» this won't happen for a really long time.
  12. To certain crybabies trying to play an unaware victim (which is nearly impossible in the age or Reddit, Discord etc): Not only you knew what you were doing and continued doing so, but you also most likely didn't report it, so you could use it to your advantage. At least have some dignity to admit you were exploiting. Suck it up and move on without causing drama. You still have 2 days + the weekend to right your wrongs, better spend 'em on a fair run rather than throw stuff and insults on the forums. Now, this is also wrong. What results fall under 'extreme abuse' criteria, though? It clearly needs an example (and it's not like there wasn't a good track of people getting false-banned for achieveing unusual results in the long-run Endless missions, unless the current case was dealt with manually), and the devs' awareness about exploits definitely needed a PSA on the forums, or even better - via the automatic in-game Inbox message, you have all the means to let the community know what is wrong / going on. Here, you let people know what is going and what will be done: It's simple, I doubt you'll make things better by giving a verdict without even notifying there's a serious problem or exploit. Gotta set an example by notifying people to prevent them from abusing mechanics and exploits. Now, if they do ignore it even after that, then sure, go ahead and suspend them. They were asking for it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Had a CTD during Defense Sortie (Melee only) when I threw channeled Orvius at Nullifier and his bubble. The game crashed right when Orvius was supposed to suspend said Nullifier / bounce off the bubble. WAR-2371773
  14. Primary Kitguns Is there anything new regarding Primary Kitguns? Will they be the same ones you showed us at Tennocon '18, or we can expect more attachements? MOA pet Is there any chance we'll be getting more MOA parts as well as legs of the existing MOA variants: Fusion MOA, Bursa/Terra MOA, Ambulas? I'll be honest, I was disappointed to see just dorky, fluffy paws and legs we got instead. All I wanted is having an intimidating killing machine with Ambulas legs Sentinels Will we ever see them and all their issues being addressed? Just because we have kavats, kubrows and MOA doesn't mean Sentinels don't need an overhaul to keep up. Fortuna introduced more Sentinel weapons, but, unsurprisingly, all of them are worse than the current 'meta' aka Sweeper Prime, Vulklok and DMR which is used simply for Dethcube's Energy Generator augment. Their survivability, outside the Djinn's augment, is non existent - using your transference instantly puts a big red target on your sentinel. There's no Sentinel Repair-Kit consumable, there's no Air Support Charge to deploy another one mid-mission (maybe we should change Scimitar's Air Drop into this?); Their weapons are underwhelming and even with every single modslot polarized and top-tier mods they underperform and require seconds to kill a single low-/mid-level enemy (we're talking about non-Riven weapons vs. Lv.20-30). Removing Sentinel Weapons Rivens without addressing the state of such weapon class was a mistake. I have Rivens for DMR and Vulklok and, while they still have issues I had with Sentinels when I joined the game in U7, they perform much better and actually do kill, assist me (DMR w/ Riven can noticeably damage Lv.50 Grineer) and make a difference. Will there be Amalgam mods for sentinels and their weapons? Archwing / K-Drive and ground gameplay Every now and then I find myself trying to deploy AW or K-Drive in open areas like the Corpus Outpost and now the new Jupiter and, of course, it's restricted. It's actually quite interesting how common AW and K-Drive have become, right to the point when you subconsciously try to use them in places where you think you could use them. So, any ideas or maybe plans to rework / expand / overhaul some old tiles to allow AW / K-Drive use there? I still remember when you were dreaming about letting us use Archwing when breaking Corpus windows on their ship, and I still hope to see it one day 😛
  15. ...sigh, if only it was also mirroring normal Endless mission intervals I'd probably pick x1.5 or x2 enemy scaling with normal intervals rather than having doubled intervals of boredom.
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