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  1. Primary Kitguns Is there anything new regarding Primary Kitguns? Will they be the same ones you showed us at Tennocon '18, or we can expect more attachements? MOA pet Is there any chance we'll be getting more MOA parts as well as legs of the existing MOA variants: Fusion MOA, Bursa/Terra MOA, Ambulas? I'll be honest, I was disappointed to see just dorky, fluffy paws and legs we got instead. All I wanted is having an intimidating killing machine with Ambulas legs Sentinels Will we ever see them and all their issues being addressed? Just because we have kavats, kubrows and MOA doesn't mean Sentinels don't need an overhaul to keep up. Fortuna introduced more Sentinel weapons, but, unsurprisingly, all of them are worse than the current 'meta' aka Sweeper Prime, Vulklok and DMR which is used simply for Dethcube's Energy Generator augment. Their survivability, outside the Djinn's augment, is non existent - using your transference instantly puts a big red target on your sentinel. There's no Sentinel Repair-Kit consumable, there's no Air Support Charge to deploy another one mid-mission (maybe we should change Scimitar's Air Drop into this?); Their weapons are underwhelming and even with every single modslot polarized and top-tier mods they underperform and require seconds to kill a single low-/mid-level enemy (we're talking about non-Riven weapons vs. Lv.20-30). Removing Sentinel Weapons Rivens without addressing the state of such weapon class was a mistake. I have Rivens for DMR and Vulklok and, while they still have issues I had with Sentinels when I joined the game in U7, they perform much better and actually do kill, assist me (DMR w/ Riven can noticeably damage Lv.50 Grineer) and make a difference. Will there be Amalgam mods for sentinels and their weapons? Archwing / K-Drive and ground gameplay Every now and then I find myself trying to deploy AW or K-Drive in open areas like the Corpus Outpost and now the new Jupiter and, of course, it's restricted. It's actually quite interesting how common AW and K-Drive have become, right to the point when you subconsciously try to use them in places where you think you could use them. So, any ideas or maybe plans to rework / expand / overhaul some old tiles to allow AW / K-Drive use there? I still remember when you were dreaming about letting us use Archwing when breaking Corpus windows on their ship, and I still hope to see it one day 😛
  2. Exactly. Make enemies increase their level at x1.5 - x2 rate, but revert doubled intervals back to the regular ones. It's already mentally exhausting to play the mode, as long as it's not Interception or Excavation, in the first place (I, for one, completely dropped it unless it's Excav until the issue gets addressed). Also, repeated cosmetic rewards (Arbitrations, Sanctuary Onslaught) was a big mistake. QoL suggestion: Check cosmetic rewards off the reward pool for players who already got those. Either put something else (Rare mod, more Endo or Kuva) or let another item from its rotation take cosmetic item's entry.
  3. ...sigh, if only it was also mirroring normal Endless mission intervals I'd probably pick x1.5 or x2 enemy scaling with normal intervals rather than having doubled intervals of boredom.
  4. Getting Nightwave standing Nightwave credits upon his defeat does sound good. I also don't really understand DE's fetish of putting trash mods (esp. Heat mods) in almost everything. The Wolf could be dropping Quick Thinking, Healing Return, Condition Overload, Rare stances or even more Umbral mods, so defeating him would feel rewarding even if you don't get the Sledge's part. But instead 6/8 of his mod drop entries are below trash-tier: Eleventh Storm 15.28% Fever Strike 15.28% Molten Impact 15.28% North Wind 15.28% Shocking Touch 15.28% Spinning Needle 15.28% Target Acquired 4.17% Tempo Royale 4.17% It's not even a reward, it's an insult, especially with a 35% drop chance for one of the four parts to drop (not even a 50% chance with 12.5% per part): Wolf Sledge Blueprint 11.28% Wolf Sledge Handle 38.72% Wolf Sledge Head 38.72% Wolf Sledge Motor 11.28% Depending on your gear, players in general and circumstances it may take up to 15, or even 30 minutes to take him down. And for what? A 65% chance to get nothing but Molten Impact? of a sense of pride and accomplishment You killed the Wolfie, (a)woooo hoo!
  5. Can confirm that: Happened to me on Jupiter. I know it's about to get reworked, but until then... The tile is on the left (pic for reference): Got locked in the tile from both ways. That was fun
  6. Sounds great. I can't count how many times I couldn't cast Link due to not standing on the surface for some reason. Maybe Mesa will also learn how to cast her 3/4 abilities on the run w/o restricting her movement, e.g. stopping everytime one casts Ballistic Battery One can only hope.
  7. The answer to this lies next to «When will there be dedicated servers?» question However, Steve said he'll see what he can do about increasing Rivens cap. I'm not sure there's a formula... but you can take a look at this: https://semlar.com/rivencalc/soma/421 for possible min/max values per dispo.
  8. To be fair, just like DE said: Rivens aren't mandatory and you can play without them - this is true, but since they happen to come into one's hands... well, they cry to be used. Anyway, while I'm not a Rivenholic or Riven mobster, and saw it [further changes] coming after DE's very first rebalance, I can see the reason why do so many people react they way they... well... react. It mostly comes down to time / money to buy / to get / buy a Riven for desired weapon as well as time and amount of Kuva to get desired / somewhat good stats. Here's a pic with most of my rivens: Although most of the are for underrated and unpopular weapons, I don't even want to think about how much time and Kuva I wasted to get desired or somewhat good stats. Thankfully, the changes aren't catastrophic no matter how some other people overreact, however, it does leave a bad taste in one's mouth due to these existing major problems: Inconsistency from DE's side on Rivens update. First they said they will be regularly updating it. About a year later they finally came around and said every 3 months (I think?), but there's no guarantee that after 6-to-9 months it won;t be forgotten again; DE's stubbornness on increasing amount of Kuva you gain / making Kuva scale up in Kuva Survival; RNG behind Rivens giving you the reality of rolling one mod over 255 times and not getting any good combination. It's sad that some of my used weapons were nerfed in the disposition dept., but their changes won't really have a big effect on me.
  9. Imagine if such rebalance changes would also address weapons' performance issues, «like why do / don't people use weapon-X?» instead of nerfing / buffing this and that basing one's preferences on weapons' popularity. Good joke. Reminds me of nerfing Prova's Index augment, because it was too good. Until it gains enough popularity to drop the anvil on folks that spent money/plat/time/kuva on acquiring its riven. I mean, seriously, if Rivens put so much stress on DB, why not increase min. limit to mentioned 0.7 or 0.8 instead of 0.5 to make 0.5 Riven playable / worth it? 0.5 tier serves no purpose but taking up your DB space and just being there, because other rivens are there, too, even though regular mods will be much better than a 0.5-dispo Riven
  10. Such pretentious ignorance, wow... Must be feeling real good spitting out toxic nonsense over, what, 2-4 minutes of extra gameplay? Oh dear, players these days...
  11. A wise man once said: ...sorry, exploits are indeed exploits, but I just couldn't resist myself
  12. Bug: World cycles aren't working correctly:
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