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  1. Another real question is, when will the samples start dropping as well from the Infested mobs during Outbreak missions 🤔
  2. I've experienced this as well, and so did another user (with both of us playing in Steel Path) in chat when I told about this 🤔
  3. Every single update with something to drop/farm so far They won't be buffing it (I'll be very surprised if they will), if you look at the bigger picture: Bishamo Pauldrons Blueprint: 15 SE [ONE-TIME purchase] Bishamo Cuirass Blueprint: 25 SE [ONE-TIME purchase] Bishamo Helmet Blueprint: 20 SE [ONE-TIME purchase] Bishamo Greaves Blueprint: 25 SE [ONE-TIME purchase] = 85 units in total; 10,000x Kuva: 15 SE [Infinite stock; overpriced, thus not worth it unless there's nothing else useful to spend Essence on] Relic Pack (3x Void Relics): 15 SE [Infinite stock; overpriced, thus not worth it unless there's nothing else useful to spend Essence on] Stance Forma Blueprint: 10 SE [Infinite stock, overpriced, questionable and limited utility] For Kuva and Relics there are much more efficient and cheaper ways to obtain them. Although the Scarlet Spear operation was promised to be recurring, right now Steel Path is the only way to get the Stance Forma BP (the number of available stances per melee class to choose from is pretty damn low: some classes have just one single stance, while another has up to 4-5). And comparing SS and SE currency reward:prices ratio doesn't make justice regarding the latter one. Long term-wise: people will absolutely be getting the armor set, doesn't matter how much time it will take. But once they do, chances they will return to the Normal Star Chart or stop care of the SE are pretty high, since there's nothing THAT meaningful to work toward (unless you're literally one of those people who just wanted Lv.100 as a starter one and couldn't care less about currency farming). However, if they'll keep playing the Steel Path mode, they are going to accumulate the Essence anyway, regardless if they're farming for it or not. Edit: Also, the fact that boosters work is another reason: 1 as potential drop by Eximus enemies (2%). Resource Boosters do work here. 1 as a guaranteed drop by Eidolon Teralyst, Eidolon Gantulyst, and Eidolon Hydrolyst (kill or capture). Resource Boosters do work here. 2 are awarded upon fully clearing all of a planet's mission nodes. A total of 36 are guaranteed for completing the entire Star Chart.
  4. Way #1: Obtain a spare set of a Warframe: BP, Chassis, Neuroptics, Systems; Research and copy a Blueprint of some Orokin/Tenno-made Valence Fusion-like device (Dojo's Tenno or Orokin Lab perhaps, alternatively obtain it from Simaris, albeit more pricey); On the Warframe Actions screen menu in Arsenal select the Fusion option and confirm your decision (along with typing in "OVERRIDE"), in the popped up window pick augment(s) you want to fuse with your warframe: Procedure is instant, Warframe becomes unavailable for 12 - 24 hours (forced exit via Transference Room😞 its slot in the Arsenal is greyed out with some note like, «Pending» or «Restructuring»; When the procedure is done, warframe is dropped to R0 and still keeps loadouts with all the mods installed (minus the augments one has fused) as long as it meets energy capacity requirements. Restructured Warframe gains ability to walk in the Helminth room at any time. The player can also roll back to the basic version there by interacting with the chair and picking a corresponding action, however, they won't be getting used parts, mods and resources back. Way #2: A small quest to help Simaris to uncover something about the Helminth (yay to some more lore about the long-forgotten Helminth); Upon completing its task you will be able to purchase a Blueprint of its device (100k Standing) that will grant you an access to the Helminth room as a non-infected warframe: The device would require stuff like a Juggernaut part, Neural Sensors, Neurodes, Orokin Cells, Plastids and Hexenon; Obtain a spare Blueprint piece of Warframe's Systems; Enter the Helminth room and interact with the chair, select an augment(s) you want to install, confirming your actions; Warframe becomes unavailable for 12 - 24 hours (forced exit via Transference Room) Its slot in the Arsenal is greyed out with some note like, «Pending» or «Restructuring»; When the procedure is done, warframe is dropped to R0 and still keeps loadouts with all the mods installed (minus the augments one has fused) as long as it meets energy capacity requirements. Restructured Warframe gains ability to walk in the Helminth room at any time. The player can also roll back to the basic version there by interacting with the chair and picking a corresponding action, however, they won't be getting used parts, mods and resources back. Simaris also successfuly synthesises a cure for Helminth Cyst which you can purchase and use to get rid of that ugly pink pimple at any moment. In order to fuse Augments the latter must be max rank. P.S. Honestly, guys, your approach to «release augments for all 4 abilities per warframe before making alternative ones» isn't working, given the pacing at which you release Warframes and Augment Mods (along with their number per release) - and then there are also Conclave augments you recently added to PvE that need to be tweaked for PvE conditions. Also, I think you should definitely start releasing new Warframes with a set of augments from the start, or at least one-two augments. Surely you throw something in your trash bin when designing and testing abilities? Why waste it?
  5. At the very least it could have some "oil" platforms or surface docks for transport and galleons. Old goldies: I wish we could use K-Drives there. Damn tunnels are too tempting to ignore potential spiraling:
  6. Eh, challenge is a very subjective thing. For me: Challenge is having a cooldown on consumables and abilities so you would make your loadout versatile with more than just 'Viral+Heat', and rely on every single piece of your arsenal out in the field. So you would have to think faster in the moment of need when you have a CD running down and there's an enemy horde mere seconds from you. Actually using brains and prioritizing targets, not just brute-forcing stuff with macro slide attacks and Condition Overload. Challenge is making the Grineer and Corpus personnel use weapons with Elemental damage. Challenge is having the Corpus personnel and proxies ratio to 20:80 with Techs actually repairing destroyed proxies and Shield Ospreys being the real bosses nullifying Elemental damage and Status procs to shielded allies. Challenge is having an Iron Man (one life) mode so you'd be playing careful. Challenge is having a bit more intelligence among enemies like the Nightwatch Corps that can lure you out with melee units just for ranged ones make a swiss cheese out of you the moment you get in the open, . Challenge is having an actual physical armor on enemies (like the Crewmen helmets or Ambulas armor plates) you can actually destroy to expose weak spots. Challenge is having an actual teamplay. What isn't a challenge for me, however, is having braindead mobs with their EHP pumped up to eleven. Many people who cried and are crying wolf will be using meta to cheese the Path through rather than trying something new. Next thing? There will be complaining that there's no challenge. Always been like this. This so-called bullet spongy challenge will be there for players that don't have meta or cheesy gear, or the players that can easily get off the meta needle and try something new. It's like playing Borderlands 2 at OP levels looking for challenge just to stick to Sal with Grog/DPUH/Pimpernel/Sand Hawk 🤷‍♂️
  7. To be fair, I remember it kind of different. Back then your rewards per 5 min/5 waves didn't accumulate - getting Molten Impact every 5th wave up until wave 60 forfeiting all previous offered rewards was the standard, so people staying past 40 waves in Public was a pretty common thing. Many Warframe abilities back then would've been considered "broken" by today's standards (said Rhino and his Iron Skin limited by just Duration. What was it, 30 seconds of complete immunity?) allowing for longer stay... by old terms. Even though there was a brief period (can't remember exactly if it was intended or a bug) when you had people joining endless missions far beyond nowadays "5-X, objective has been completed" limitations, going to Endless mission still wasn't a quickie. A good part of community considered endless mode as something like "if you're going there, you're getting ready for a long ride". Now, this is when you'd say in chat you need to go saying you're sorry for leaving early or breaking the team, and yadda yadda yadda. I still remember ranking up my Mag in Xini against the Infested and when my gear reached its threshold I let my teammates know that I'm going to be a burden and they friendly asked me to stay for more which I did. Solo-play in squads and griefing was also a thing as well, but had a much less degree: having spawn killers in your squad that would leave the objective to nuke spawns while remaining players had to deal with spawns behind their back? Such a shame that Qynchou's gif is dead. It was a perfect example of how to make people change their mind and PTFO (by leaving the pod defenseless so all the spawn killers outside Affinity range would rush back to the pod). Although crashes and Host Migration were happening very often, the fear of latter wasn't that kind of an issue for some time, because your progress was automatically saved. Now that, however, was a thing until DE decided to teach them exploiters aka mission aborters ("no desired drop - abort the mission while keeping the loot") a lesson and remove such auto-save thingy, thus exposing a major problem with HM people were pissed about for years to come. However, there's a seed of truth. The grass was Grineer greener and the old community was way far more up for cooperation, one of the huge reasons and influences was the fact that many people were joining the game after having a blast in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer which was a real coop experience (I and many of my friends joined the game due to people telling how similar it is). People preffered to stay together, because there wasn't that much survivability - you could die to a single door barrier (by getting stuck in a looping knockdown animation while getting damaged by the barrier, haha), or an army of endless Kela rollers, though Public solo-players and griefers were already a thing: remember uncooperative Rhino with Boltors that would walk under the cams and even stay in their LoS and "screw the other teammates trying to pass through the doors' barrier"? Now there's other kind of trolling/griefing: try to talk some sense into Volts with performance issues that keep spamming their speed every 5 darn seconds. You'll most likely get ignored or spammed even more. But This statement is also correct, be it fun or rewards. Anyway, with that being said, I totally feel the OP's thoughts and frustrations. Today's game is way more streamlined, majority of players (because old players are definitely in the minority now) just hop in and out. Experience-wise it's just google up some guides or YouTubers for streamlined, meta and most efficient way to play the game. How often do you see a player that would provide support w/o thinking of themselves first? Many "efficient" players join Public just to rush through the mission mowing down everything that moves and makes sounds (some even claim helping newbies, but they don't - why even play a game about killing stuff when you can't even kill anything, because there's simply nothing to kill?), but I honestly see here just some ego satisfaction: Solo-ing non-endless missions would be faster and more efficient, yet people continue joining Public just to have own fun, because of spawn rates, and screw the others. I think, the 5-min/wave leave became a real pain in the arse with the introduction of R5 cores to AA rotations of Excavation. It did become a nuisance for regular players that just wanted to play the game, but farmers pushing for quick AA runs had their results. On the other front there was Draco suffering in the same exact way with XP farmers and leeches. And then the issue infected Hydron - it was a matter of days until I went from 20-40 waves in Public to 15 at best, once people were told about how efficient small maps with tight spawns are. The coop part of the game is dying and I'd dare to say DE are trying to save it by forcing or implementing required mechanics and game modes. I don't see problem here and I'm all for it, however, the fan base has changed... a lot. And so did the players' mentality. And definitely not in the good direction, in my opinion. There's too much of efficiency and speedrun elitism with their "representatives telling" how one should play the game. What was considered normal back then now is being considered as "if you want to do X, there's a thing such as Recruituing". Back in the old days Recruiting was reserved for quite the opposite matchmaking: Void sewers camping, speedruns etc. Now it's a miracle just to have a little teamplay fun, and not 3 players being for themselves.
  8. If this is the long-awaited Hard Mode, then for the love of God, please force 4-players spawn rates for Solo and squads with less than 4 players I get it not being a thing for the current Sol Chart due to huge gaps between MRs, but since this one requires the Chart completion, this is a perfect opportunity to make it so. Boredom due to lack of mobs is a true enemy of Solo players and Duo-squads.
  9. New transport for Orb Vallis 🤔
  10. I had one Protea part, Systems, I think. But it was with the first hotfix after update...
  11. Because meta and no-brainer frames exist. Because once someone finds an easy build/combination, content creators will spread the news and then everyone will use it, because there's this elitist efficiency mentality dictating that you should rush through the missions with less efforts as possible. I thought whips and memeing strike made it obvious.
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