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  1. Ah, the good ol' «you're playing wrong, let me tell you how you must play» mentality
  2. Here's mine. After playing for months, I can't come up with any word but "perfection". It's not boring to play nor she's nuking the maps alone in Public modes. She quickly became my favorite frame, as she's got it all: support of all kinds (dispenser, Energize) and enemy debuff (armor, heat procs), CC (with Grenade Fan being put in choke points), damage dealing (turrets) and survivability in general. I went for Pillage to compensate her major flaw: Turrets being less efficient against the Corpus' shielded enemies and just enemies in general having armor-plating. These are two moment
  3. I could probably say the same regarding events... I miss the Gradivus Dilemma event. Some call it grindy as hell and tedious, but for me the sheer amount of various rewards ('tatos, credits, Lab weapons etc., not a lousy chance to obtain some item X that hundreds of which could be spent on so-called rewards) and pure joy and excitement it gave me (replaying the same node for 100 times just so Grineer would get hold of a sector w/o getting tired) can't be topped by any latest event. - I probably missed some good rewards while doing this, but I had fun of doing so and no regrets.
  4. Random Host Migration for any player can be related to any game-freezing event, be it a weak hardware or something going crazy in-game (like a sheit ton of damage with excessive visual effects and particles etc.). It's just the game stops responding and the following package loss results in the Player's migration. As a toaster owner, anything that causes a 3-5 seconds freeze will most likely send me in the Solo mode. For example, my friends have to wait for me fully loading in at the OV elevator or after leaving the Deck 12, not even going anywhere, otherwise my game will freeze for a mom
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