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  1. Yeah. Although that could work in the beginning of the game... When its current shape was forming and the playerbase was far more adequate. One of the common feedback ideas was implementing cooldown for powers (that would kill two birds in the long-term: ability spam and power creepiness and so problematic concept of difficulty where players would have to use everything at their disposal while their powers were in CD state). Such thing wouldn't work nowadays. Just a simple mention of it from DE or players themselves would result in an overblown outcry/forum war.
  2. Meh, people still wouldn't notice any difference for a year or more. It takes time and resources, not just money, to teach the newcomers how stuff works in Warframe specifically (or any other game), no matter their level/qualifications.
  3. This is a top-secret Railjack-class ship document representing the ship's armor capabilities: I feel like one of the reasons it feels weird is the lack of more ship classes in the mode. We could have such tiers of enemies: Transport / Atmospheric ships (Bolkor, Firbolg) Scouts / Patrol ships (Dargyns, Dregs, Zeplen traps) Interceptors / Fighters (Cutter, Outrider, Taktis, Flak) Corvettes / Frigates (Crewships) Carriers / Capital ships (Galleon) Fomorian-class ships But for now it's just: Interceptors / Fighters Corvettes / Frigates (Crewships) Capital ships (Galleon) - an environment object
  4. Better yet: The way one wants/enjoys to play > Harrow > Oberon for eidolon hunt., Trinity > Oberon for eidolon hunt. Any common eidolon DPS >= Oberon. Anything else: Recruitment channel.
  5. Precisely. Learn Adapt Pay attention to your HUD It already warns you and tells you to take measures. Simple tips: When seeing Radiation condition: Don't grab AoE weapons or warframes will uncontrollable AoE powers (Mag, Mesa, Saryn etc.) Take CC or status-immune warframes if there's an objective to protect If someone didn't do the previous two things, keep a safe distance and out of their LoS. When being irradiated: Flee the zone Use spoiler mode Don't cast offensive powers These will be your reflexes when you get used to hearing specific sfx and seeing vfx on warframe/red icon on HUD.
  6. All I can currently think of is: Inb4 Double DDoS weekend
  7. A couple of questions touching probably one of the biggest QoL issues/aspects that exist since the beginning of the game: P2P/Connectivity: Can we expect either in the near future or at some point at all that loading screens will be having an «ABORT» button? While it doesn't seem to happen that often lately, it happened today. I was hoping to load in and quit (or continue the mission if the ping would be OK) instead of just killing the game's .exe process, but the wait turned out to be 10-min long, so in the end I did ALT+F4 after all. NPC models, animations and attacks synchronization: I'm sure everybody heard or knows that, for example, Grineer Heavies, scorpions or Infested Ancients can perform radial blast when being crowd-controlled or ragdolled or use grappling hook on the player's character without even looking at it. Can we expect this behavior getting changed so CC maneuvers will do what they're supposed to do, and enemies with ranged attacks will have to turn around first in order to attack in addition to grappling hooks breaking instead of clipping through walls and objects? NPC armor, armour and armoure: What do you think about replacing, I dare to say, outdated armor concept of being just an extra layer of "Healthbar" with actual armor pieces? The concept is already in the game: decorative armor pieces on our warframes and Corpus Crewmen, Comba/Scrambus protecting their heads with helmets as well as Ambulas having armor plates. No more HP + Indefinite armor bars + Increasing DR % - a fellow Grineer Capture Target-like NPC would be just a frame protected by layers/plates of armor one can destroy to start dealing extra damage. Here's a better explanation/concept: Other stuff: Modular Archwing: When the already existing Archwing models will be turned into the modular versions, can we expect getting Foundry Blueprints of their parts to try out different combinations? Note that players should only get BPs according to the Archwings they already have crafted. Modular MOA pets: Serious question: can we please get regular and more serious-looking parts for MOA pets? It's totally OK that everyone has a different taste and it's totally fine, but I (and pretty sure many other folks) just can't stand the overall goofiness of chunky/cartoon-ish legs we currently have (like this) and will be getting soon. I want to build a MOA that would resemble the power it has and technology behind it, not some hijacked or scrapped toaster wearing some fluffy pink slippers welded onto its legs. In all seriousness, why can't we Ambulas' legs with armor plates, or Bursa's? Or just Terra/Fusion/Anti-MOA legs and heads? Ambulas' laser cannon: How about turning the cannon into salvagable (on the battlefield) weapon you could pick up and use it until it depletes its ammo, or salvaging its Blueprint to craft a new Archgun? GUNS, GLORIOUS GUNS: Ghouls Buzzsaw when? I'm still waiting. From the moment Ghoul enemies and us using their Buzzsaw were shown and teased. Is the Nox's gun still destined to eventually get in our hands? Given that Soaktron IS the gun and we've used it, I take it that the issues with the non-standard grip were fixed? Will the Corpus Machinist's Reactive(?) Flamethrower also be available for us to use? Railjack: Any plans on adding Syndicate-exclusive Railjack avionics, modules or armaments (paintjobs perhaps too) to Syndicates pool? I need me some Steel Meridian gatling and missile turrets. Or just the Crewships' heat-seeking missiles.
  8. The first thing that comes to mind is deduction. By doing Sentient-related quests and listening to what characters say you find out about the weaknesses that Sentients bear. For example, The Second Dream spoilers: Then, by doing the PoE/Gara quest, your regular attacks will be useless against Teralyst. Now, the next hint is the fact that Onkko's hideout is only available for Operators to enter. And the guy sells operator-only weapons. That being said, Eidolons are the Sentient's remains. As for the fight, Lures in non-hacked state always lure Vomvalysts in that get damaged until spectral state after which they get absorbed, thus charging up the lure. Why? What for? This is where «What if» and trial and error come into play. Successful attempt results in the Onkko's response. The fight in general wasn't something hard to figure out, not after bosses like flying Turkey and Krill. Especially when synovias have own healthbars. Also, when the lures and cores were bugged and unmarked, I actually thought that the number of lures also affects the number of cores you receive from the fight
  9. Sadly, that consistency is pretty inconsistent: the Eagle Eye mod (Primary) can be put in the Exilus slot while the Secondary variant, the Hawk Eye mod, however, cannot be.
  10. I sure hope it's true. Witnessing converted Lv.85 lich with Ogris barely scratching the paint on a ~Lv.50 Grineer Roller has put to an end any second thoughts regarding killing/converting liches.
  11. Just give me scissors and glue, since I just want a two-modes SMG of the Baza class (for close and medium range) with built-in flamethrower, basically a Hell-fire SMG from the Timeshift game: DAMN if it doesn't fit the Grineer aesthetics!
  12. Said it yesterday on the reddit sub that they need to get rid of armor being just an outdated extra bar: Replace it with layered armor segments instead, similar to Corpus Crewmen helmets, Ambulas armor plates, or FO4's Power Armor. So you can shoot armor pieces off exposing its user. Example: Say, this is an average Grineer soldier wearing his non-combat apparel and the only protection he has is some weak armor plates on his hips And this is him now wearing heavy armor: Instead of the overall armor he only has armoured parts on his body: Head armor (closed helmet/gas mask) Shoulder pads Arms protection Torso/back with, say, ballistic vest Legs/hips armor Each of these segments acts separately: if you destroy only torso armor, then only this specific area will be receiving "full" damage (minus the resistance %s) with no DR or Armor penalties. What to do with Corrosive in this case: Corrosive would be a local AoE effect: you shoot one armor piece and corrosion starts expanding to other pieces next to it effectively destroying armor. Like, you proc Corrosive status on the shoulder pad and then it will start affecting head and torso protection as well reducing their armor HP. Say, something like in the G.I. Joe movie. What to do with Puncture in this case: Puncture should tear a new one in an enemy completely (or gradually) reducing their DR or armor in that area to 0% (or just by set % per proc). So if you shoot that area again, you're not getting armor/DR penalties, and maybe their damage weaknesses will be further increased (like, from +75% to +100%). Edit: As for the armor's HP scaling. It should only scale with every new "tier" (values are for the sake of example): Tier 1: Lv. 0-20 -- Armor's HP value per segment is 100 Tier 2: Lv. 21-35 -- Armor's HP value per segment is 150 Tier 3: Lv. 36-50 -- Armor's HP value per segment is 200 Tier 4: Lv. 51-75 -- Armor's HP value per segment is 250 Tier 5: Lv. 76-90 -- Armor's HP value per segment is 300 etc.
  13. Yeah, the Index' ammo pickups should be %-based. The less ammo you have left the more ammo it gives you.
  14. Am I one of few people that understand the meaning of «progression» at all? That's like... I don't know, pick any game with RPG elements, notice that progress takes time and start complaining about perks, skills, level etc. being put behind time-walls. That's probably the most accurate depiction of the current part of the Warframe community. It's like they seek no fun, they are ready and want to suffer through self-inflicted grind as soon as the content update drops. And when it's done, they are the first ones to complain that there's nothing for them to do (granted, right now this is how RJ feels if you don't care about cosmetics behind RNG). Sometimes I can't tell if they are impatient to get everything done asap or to force themselves to grind. To quote myself:
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