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  1. «Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to report to you again» After taking a 4-months break I returned to Warframe to check out the latest Deimos and Night of Naberus updates just to be met with an old and still persisting bug which is still in the game since at least October 5th, 2019 (as this was the first report's date). And now happens to Velocipods as well. Well, they are the same class, so no surprise. Seeing as it's actually the first anniversary for this bug, it's definitely worth to mention that this bug has never happened before until one of the October 2019 updates that re
  2. Not baiting or trolling, but this is pretty much what people were warning about when DE dropped the MR requirement bar
  3. If MR15 could be used as a loose term to determine one's «experience» (definitely not the progression, though), MR8, however, is just... wow. Just a visual representation of MR8 with gear alone:
  4. Fun little fact: amount of energy drained on hit scales up with their/buffed mobs' level
  5. Another real question is, when will the samples start dropping as well from the Infested mobs during Outbreak missions 🤔
  6. Serration Split Chamber Point Strike Vital Sense Hammer Shot Speed Trigger ----- Any Combination: High Voltage + Thermite Rounds - RAD High Voltage + Malignant Force - Corrosive Thermite Rounds + Malignant Force - Gas I'm fine with Dread.
  7. - Thermal Scope to see enemies through walls and objects - For Snipetron & Lanka (c'mon, it's not OP, it's high-tech) - definitely YES. I really love thermal scope in ME3 on Javelin (counterpart of Lanka): - High recoil balanced out with much higher damage per shot - I think only Snipetron Vandal deserve it, 'cause its recoil too high. With SV's firerate it's easy to miss after 1st shot. - Innate Puncture - I'd add it to Vectis, because it has only 1 bullet in the clip, even with fast reloading. Shred can help, but firerate does nothing with Vectis - you just wasting your mod
  8. Really? Well, it hasn't happened to me anymore :\
  9. This, please: Also, we broke an elevator once:
  10. I suppose, there's a bullet w/o elemental proc or pure phys damage (on yours Furis it equals to 41 w/o weakness and resists) on Shields, if this even possible.
  11. Great suggestion! I think it's possible to add similar mechanic to Snow Globe. Volt's Electric Shield has additional Electric damage Ember's Fire Blast - add. Heat damage Frost's Snow Globe - add. Ice/Freeze damage But think with Accelerant it will be OP. Use Fire Blast, then use Accelerant and look at these monstrous numbers! In additonal, i think it would be nice if DE will make changes in Absorb and it will work just like Zeph's Tornado. Shootin' with elemental dmg, huh? N-nice, 'cause it will explode with elemental blast! Electric, Toxic, Fire, Ice... Corrosive explo
  12. Are you sure about Nyx? Maybe you meant their healing? Because Healers (non-Corrupted ones) doesn't heal you anymore under Mind Control, but still fight on your side.
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