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  1. The ones who intentionally abused a well-known exploit while also abusing the rules of macro use instead of reporting it? Yes, they were banned. The fact that macros were abused is the key. It's a so damn well-known fact: as long as you don't use macro to play the game for you you're fine, that I don't believe people didn't know about it. In other words, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  2. Thundervision

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.5 It's not like I was expecting Fortuna Pt.II dropping this week, but at least, I dunno, Nyx and Titania reworks? Content Drought, Pt.II
  3. Thundervision

    Chroma Prime Access Ends December 18!

    None of the existing PAs were released on the same week as Xmas or after (not until the next month), but I still wonder if I speculated correctly (shamelessly quoting myself) about Mesa: EDIT: Watch out, watch out, watch out! NICE! Dec. 18th, bois!
  4. Thundervision

    DE I want real life Bolarola

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ give nature reserve tile for Dojo to decorate it and release your fish and animals in there!
  5. Thundervision

    Mesa Fanboys in a Rad Hazard Sortie !!

    Get downed once by friendly fire -- tell the others to watch their fire (it's not that hard to ignore a big red icon as well as radiation-specific SFX and VFX, unless, of course; you're Mesa where you will kill stuff before getting visuals/hearing sfx). Get downed by friendly fire once again -- warn them that if they won't stop you won't hesitate to open fire. Get downed again -- disengage, get a rad proc, find the friendly fire cause and eliminate it with your warframe/specter/sentinel/pet/operator. And then again, if neccessary. Some people have issues with understanding, so let them learn it the hard way.
  6. Nevermind. Can confirm Corruped Attack Drones dispel Mind Control immediately after cast (you have ~0.5s of visual effects and then it gets dispelled).
  7. Thundervision

    Is this a good riven?

    It's good as long as you don't fight the Grineer with that Riven, 'cause Bane mods affect your overall damage (after all mods), in other words no matter what you will always deal ~45% less damage. Other than that, add. elemental damage and Tonbo's 25% Status with wide range will make a good use of Condition Overload against other factions.
  8. Didn't pay attention to it, though played as Nyx in the Void yesterday and today. Was it a Fissure mission and were you trying to MC it before/during Corruption? If so, ability effects on enemies get dispelled when they become Corrupted, so you need to cast it on them again.
  9. Thundervision

    Which Enemy Is the most annoying in Fortuna?

    Terra Shield Osprey Terra Overtaker The first one becomes a pain in the ass to find at high level, when it gives everyone in range a null-bubble. Should've been named Terra Shield Oprahey... And the other one is a friggin' terminator that can knockdown lock you if you're unlucky: I had 5 of his Convectrix blasts to drop me on the floor after starting to recover. In a row. I barely survived it at T5 levels. Special mention: About half the unique Terra proxies (like Hyenas, Raknoids, Jackal) when you play Nyx: Mind Control either doesn't work at all on them or it lasts about 5-10 seconds. While Nekros can even summon those. They are annoying, for this very reason.
  10. Thundervision

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    Awww, it would've been a perfect widget upgrade (along with others) for tranq rifle :F
  11. Thundervision

    WTF is this Tonkor Masterace NERF ?

    It's bugged and it's been that way for at least 2 months: I guess if you balance the weapon so hard that barely anyone uses it after, it then makes a good excuse to roll your eyes and sit in the spreading fire thinking this is fine. P.s. all they had to do is raising the MR and crafting requirements for the gun (just a reminder that Tonkor is a market weapon while Ogris is a clan-tech one and costed more than Tonkor to craft on top of being a very inferior weapon before the weapons rebalance) without touching its stats (mechanics change would work). Instead, they ended up overnerfing it to the ground
  12. Thundervision

    For goodness sake, please make a primed frame efficiency mod

    Unfortunately, that's how you get even more powercreep. You gotta balance between things you want and need. There are plenty ways to maintain energy pool besides drops and crates/lockers: Mods: Equilibrium, Rage, Hunter Adrenaline, Energy Generator, Sharpshooter, syndicate weapon augments, Aura: Energy Siphon Arcanes: Arcane Energize Consumables: Team Energy Restores Abilities (ironically) If it wasn't for Corrupted mods, Continuity, Intensify and Streamline could use Stretch's treatment and vice versa: +45% Strength/Duration/Efficiency at the cost of 11 en. points. But not anymore.
  13. Thundervision

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Sweeet! My favorite mind-twisting queen shall rise again! Both warframes were already good on their own and I'm very glad to see that both frames receive their so needed QoL-treatment without altering their themes and kits that much. However, Titania's Thorn could still get more attention (as well as Unairu's Void Spines). Just a reminder that the game still suffers from unablanced enemy scaling where not only armour scales up to absurd values, but also enemy health's scaling surpasses damage increase way too fast, so at some point reflecting enemy's damage back results in a mosquito bite instead of «just a flesh wound». It may work against <Lv.20 enemies, but anything higher than that is just not worth it. Amplifying reflected damage by (at least) x2 would somewhat work out. It's not like you have to use Mind Control on the very first/every enemy you see (or using a warframe with purpose of support and CC with the intention to be a damage-dealer if you're trigger-happy): you see an opportunity -- you use it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Nitpicking time: 4 seconds of continuous fire with fully-modded and, possibly, Rivened gun on top of the enemy's damage is a helluva damage
  14. Thundervision

    Remove Conclave from the Game

    The only problem with the Conclave I see is the lack of any good matchmaking. You want to have some fun in Annihilation? You want to get used to Conclave mechanics? It would be a shame if someone with KD of 4.0 would storm in. There's little to no fun when said PvP vet with KD of 4.0 steamrolls everyone else in the match. They can defend themselves any way they want, but the truth is, in such scenario, no one's having fun but the veterans, and the results are pretty predictable: players either start accusing vets for hacks/cheats/S#&amp;&#036;bucketing etc. or they just leave and never come back leaving other players and newcomers at their mercy. And what else this gives us? It gives us a reality where Conclave vets keep preying on the weak. To put it simple and short: Veterans keep dominating Players below vet's experience get steamrolled The same players eventually get fed up and leave Veterans aren't going anywhere New players join Coinclave New players get simpley vaporized by Conclave veterans's look Feedback and complaints are happening across the forums/reddit/twitter/facebook etc. Players don't see any changes/attention to said problems Playes forget about Conclave's existence Veterans aren't going anywhere People are wondering why Conclave is bad The fact that there are also Conclave tasks and challenges is not helping at all, it only fuels players' frustration. The other moment: so-called Conclave toxicity. In all fairness, most of the toxic stuff I've experienced in Conclave since it's 2.0 version comes from new players (at least for EU server before we got player-hosted servers, after that it was mostly from low-MR players). Sure there were all the kinds of MLGPROs, edgelords and just trolls, but they were like a 1% of total number of players. Meanwhile the new players were blaming everyone and everything for their failures refusing to learn about Conclave's features and mechanics, even when you were trying to help them explaining mechanics and tricks. It's Warframe, if you run on the ground with your gun not using any 'parkour' tricks while seeing that others do the opposite, and you still think it's just another third-person online shooter and it's not balanced, because you refuse to adapt... welp. P.s. the idea of the Corpus vs. Grineer PvP was good and pretty popular. Until DE came up with Teshin and his stuff. It's hard to believe they will throw him and lore part out of the window to make old dreams come true.
  15. Thundervision

    Fortuna: Update 24.1.0 - TennoGen Round 14

    This one definitely keeps bothering me 'cause of the set's name and the fact it's not usable on MOA pets 🤔