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Daily Rewards Synchronized With Time Zone "suggestion"


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Well I've played warframe with a good streak, my GMT is -4... Had 7 day streak... And logged in at 9pm in my country just to find out I was too late.

It might be a frustrating problem especially since some people don't play warframe at specific times (Night, school, work) due for them being busy.

Well it would be good for the daily reward to sync with the profile GMT, and yes you can change it, but it will exclude 1 day of reward but it wont affect the streak.

Basic suggestion... Thats it

Seems I should have put this in feedback. My Apologies :P

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I'm not sure how much I can weigh into this given I am GMT +12 and therefore have my login thing flick over at 12pm

The timezone thing is a little tricky since simply syncing it up would likely allow for some exploits (oh noes all the free sentinel weapon exp)

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