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well, i'll just say this. Saryn has far more to offer than just AFK spamming Power slot 4.


because a skilled player doesn't need to do that.



like with any Warframe, focus on avoiding Damage and surviving. Mobility is everyones' best friend.



and just because i felt like taking a screenshot.


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I love my Saryn. She's got the stuff to get in close and do high damage, maybe not as much as Rhino or Valkyr but she's tanky enough.


Venom I find myself using often, especially since I main a Boar Prime on her so she can pop them with ease. It's a great way to get some quick DoT onto a group of enemies, but she casts it a bit slow.


Molt is... meh, there aren't really any problems with it (love making statues though :P dat instant cast) but I don't find myself using it much. When it gets down to a critical point where I NEED to get enemy attention off of me, using Molt doesn't usually save me, but I keep it slotted.


Contagion seems like a good skill but I usually forget I even have it. I suppose it usable but it's a bit wonky and a bit too weak to be worth it. Despite all that, though, I do keep it slotted.


Miasma is where it's at. Instantly melting enemies, f yeah! This is one of her most useful abilities. High damage, a nice stun, small DoT and CC aspect.


Overall, I would say Saryn is a bulky caster that tries to be a bit of a melee frame (due to armor and Contagion) but is completely outclassed by Valkyr in that aspect. I mod my Saryn for duration and power, and a bit of range because Miasma has a very short range.

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My favorite Warframe.


- Miasma is excellent for clearing out the trash and stunning the rest. With light-speed and the ability to go through obstacles, it might just be the fastest way to clear a room in the game. With a proper build even spammable, so still viable for late-game.

- Venom eases harder enemies a lot. Low base damage, but viral proc throughout a group makes it useful enough.

- Molt is very unreliable overall. It doesn't draw enemy fire very well, it doesn't last very long on it's own and it doesn't have much health. Only useful for removing procs and I consider that ability not worth the slot.

- Contagion and its' toxic damage have never given me much of a noticeable edge. Not worth the slot either.


She doesn't need a buff at all though. She's incredibly powerful as it is. 

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