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Every Grineer Tileset Crashes


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I posted this elsewhere, but I'm not sure it was the right place :T

Anyways, every single map of Grineer will crash. Even when I fought infested on a Grineer map, it still crashed. I've seen the troopers themselves on other maps and I'm fine, so I know the issue is not with the actual Grineer. What's strange is that before I crash, Lotus appears as if to relay a message, but then says nothing. Shortly afterwards I will ALWAYS crash. In fact, in the Dojo, I simply walked into the room where the Grineer research was and I crashed in that one room even. Every other room totally fine, but as soon as I walk in there, I have to leave fast or risk crashing. Has anyone else experienced anything similar or know a possible cause for this?

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