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Help Building The Deconstructor.



So I made some plat on trading and bought the Ictus pack.


I have run just two missions (on Mercury) with Elios & Deconstructor and, even though is still dealing with low level mobs, is doing better than I though.


I already read the wiki and some other post about the behaviour of the weapon and I came up with this build:

D9pTi66.png[size=2]Click on the image to go to the Warframe Builder for the stats[/size]

I'm asking for some feedback of users that have more time with this weapon.

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I dont have Helios yet, but im planing ahead to use it in the future. I would prefer this Build or a build close to it. As far as i understood Helios does not need to catch the glaives he shoots, unlike players, so rebound instead of fast return would increase the effectiveness of the weapon as it could potentialy hit more targets, this also makes Wirlwind interesting for the additional speed while flying around. All 4 Elements together with 2 melee dmg mods should maximize the damage done to targets hit by the weapon. In total it should result in a fast flying weapon that rebounds 9 times and deal alot of damage on everything it hits.

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