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Late Game Equipment



What is the best equipment for late game, (as far as you can go into the game) 






Warframes i have-are loki, vuaban, Nxy, frost prime, sayrn (thinking of getting rid of her shes not that fun anymore), zephyr


Weapons i have-are Ignis, boltor (non prime), latron wraith, the melee claw things (venka?), nikana, dual zoren, phage (this is horrible i think), plasma shaword, ether reaper.


So whats the best stuff to have at the end for end game and per mission eg: survival, defense and so forth.


Thanks TheSilent1

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My late-game stuffs are as follows


Banshee(Sonar/Silence build)

Ember(infest runs)

Zephyr(turbulence build)

Valkyr (hyper tank)

Nyxy Prime (just cause she sexy)






Paris Prime


Snipetron v




Lex Prime





Glaive Prime


Dual Ichors

Most of my primaries and secondaries have 5-6 forma depending on build while melee.don't need them unless you want a different stance.

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Everyone seems to always have their preferences >.>


Kenshin, ur weapon list is too long Boltor Prime is all you need :). Dread/Paris Prime are nice because you only need like 2 forma and a catalyst to reach nearly their full potential. Latron Wraith is plenty viable though (it's something in between Boltor P and the Bows).I haven't found a secondary that truely works for me. Melee weapons I use for mobility (high attack speed to copter great distances)



Background:Suggestions work pretty well up to 40 waves of t4 def.


Loki, Vaub, Frost, and w/e are my go to frames when pug'ing. I use Trinity often but she slowly becomes useless the more hardcore your group is or you're trying to break records.


Top choice for the moment:

 Loki with max range and efficiency radial disarm. It basically calls everything to run to you :D. Radial + Decoy seems to help with def missions-especially if the decoy is inside a Snow Globe. I use cloak/invisibility for rez'ing or getting out of tight situations-so it don't try to spec too much into duration


-Natural talent- I use it for most frames I that do a lot of long cast animations. Either you find it useful or completely useless.

Aura- Corrosive Projection vs Grineer or Void missions. Energy Siphon for everything else unless you want to fulfil some other niche.

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