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Loki's 3Rd Ability ( Switch Teleport )


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So I was wondering if somehow Switch Teleport can be an ultimate utility ability

So if you use switch teleport regularly you would switch places whom ever you aim at

Whether a player or A.I.

So I was wondering if there can be modes for it

Since I use Switch TP for utility and travel I get 105-110% Power Range with it


1st Mode : Normal Mode ; Whom ever you aim at you TP to it so its  the normal

2nd Mode : Return Mode : Whom ever you target you bring it to you. Its like Ash's tp but the opposite

3rd Mode : Travel Mode : Its basically Ash's TP, TP to the target you are aiming at

Of course with the return mode there can be some problems with players abusing and trolling

I haven't though this through but heres my kinda thing

lvl Switch TP to max lvl before using modes

To use 3 modes atleast rank 3

Or maybe have atleast a lvl 10-15 Loki so someone just doesn't spam the 2nd mode

Maybe own Loki and Ash

Or have Ash's Teleport Ability

Or you need atleast 15 Revives 3rd Mode 

30 Revives 2nd Mode

They can also report that specific person for abusing it or

the team can vote if the player has rights to access the modes or if the team wants they can select for them to get TPed or not

Or maybe the player thats casting asks the individual 3 players to see if they can TP him

If they are friends then its fine

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I don't think this would be a beneficial addition. It would completely alienate and overpower Ash's ability while being fairly and unnecessarily complex. 

Your right 

But if it did happen then I think it would be great 

Because I use loki and switch tp to help out players or to get there faster

Its only going to make it easier for me since I can just easily tp someone to me if they get stuck 

Because I got stuck today earlier and I was thinking about this

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