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Damage Dealt - Actual Or Theoretical?



I've been leveling up Dread recently, and that thing does absurd amounts of damage, but to a single target. Aside from some cases where enemies line up and I can pierce multiple grunts with one shot, I can't clear out rooms as well as someone with an Amprex or even a well modded Karrak.


That said, I'm always the top damage dealer in the post-mission stats.


While no indication of skill, I do use the stats as a self-motivational kind of thing - I always used them to give me a rough indicator of how well I'm doing, especially in void missions (if I'm slacking behind, I know I need to switch frames or weapons or just get my s**t together).


But now I wonder... is this statistic at all accurate? Let's assume, for the sake of simplicity, that an enemy has 100 points of health. I can do 1000 with Dread. Does the screen calculate 1000 as the damage dealt, or the 100? I can't really inflict more damage on an enemy than the enemy has, right?

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It's pretty easy to top the damage stats with a Dread, especially once you've learned how to use it properly.


But topping the damage stats in a public game is pretty easy with pretty much anything that deals any damage. People there don't seem to be very motivated to kill things.

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It's been a long while since I visited this topic (wondered about it myself long ago. Back then (and still do), I often used snipers/bows on support frames (all dmg comes from primary).  My conclusion was that I would be leaps and bounds ahead on the damage, but didn't always have the most kills. This is an odd result if over kill damage wasn't recorded.


Further explanation so that you can perform your own test -as it doesn't seem my conclusion agrees with what others have said >.>:


(failed at wording next statement, hopefully it isn't too confusing >.>)

If each enemy had the same health pool, the % of the number of enemies one kills compared to the teammates should be about the same as the damage % dealt. Ofcourse enemies have different hp levels, but roughly, the average hp of enemies you kill will be similar to the average hp of kills your teammates get.


If that's true, and if overkill damage isn't recorded, than the damage % you do should equal nearly the % of the enemies you killed.



Compare your results to this sort of statement-either A or B


A) I did 75% of the dmg, but killed 25/100 enemies-> This suggest game records overkill damage.


B) I did 75% of the dmg and also killed 75/100 enemies -> This would suggest the game doesn't record overkill damage


I found situation "A" seemed to be more accurate of what happens. It has been a long time though since I visited this topic.  It becomes more apparent when playing low tier keys (like t1 def-because enemies have significantly lower hp than what your weapon can do per shot), you only deal damage with the primary weapon (sniper/bow), and your teammates are using much lower dmg/shot weapons.




Edit: Looks like they did update. Mission stats no longer record overkill dmg. "B" is the appropriate description.



Pic is about 10 rounds into t1 def. Comrades were using weapons like hikou (low dmg/shot- at least low compared to fully max'ed out lanka)


I did 53% of the dmg and 153 of 291 kills. 153/291 =~53%

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Since U14, the "damage dealt" part of the End Mission screen only takes "enemy health lost" into account, with overkill damage being ignored entirely. (So, a person who does 999999999999 damage on a single enemy will now take 1% of the kills and 1% of the total damage, rather than 1% of the kills and 99% of the total damage).

The "damage dealt" and "enemies killed" numbers are much closer now for most players. Having a higher "damage dealt" versus "enemies killed" stat indicates that you've been killing more Heavy units than your other teammates, which is something that a Dread can handle far more easily than an Amprex or a Karak.


This is going under the assumption, of course, that overkill damage isn't calculated. I base this on the fact that I can mindlessly mash nothing but Bladestorm in Terminus (2000 damage per target) and still get "outdamaged" in the Results screen if my MR0 teammates got more kills than me.

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