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(S)Talk About Your Problems... | I Did Some "art"


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Hello everyone.

Due to recent events in my life and in Warframe I got some random ideas. The following images are a summary of them, or at least they're very similar to that... or something...

(.png-file, 1920x1080px)



Additional information and stuff:

You may wonder, why he has white hands. I wonder too...
To be honest: I was too lazy to change the hands.

I used Garry's Mod, some Source Engine tools and Paint.Net to make this image.

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Your actions have consequences. [You have to take responsibility for your mistakes to move on. ]


I am your reckoning! [Take my hand and tell me how you feel]


You shall not leave this place. [until you face your fears.]


Wow,stalkers just a misunderstood therapist who can't complete his sentences because we kill him too fast.

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