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Atterax Stealth Attacks Multipliers Not Applying With Frontal Stealth Attacks


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I noticed this bug with the Lecta too or any whip type melee weapon for that matter. Basically sometimes when performing a frontal stealth attack with the aid of paralysis the 1600% dmg multiplier is not working reliably and gives  you mediocre values.


Frontal stealth attack with a whip weapon will make Valkyr face plant the enemy using the whip.


The Atterax used was unranked with the matching stance mod and a maxed lifestrike mod


Frontal stealth attacks:





On Crit with Bug:



Working as Intended with crit:





While Stealth attacks coming from behind (Consists of breaking their neck with the whip)have a consistent dmg of over 1000 per hit non-crit.


From the back with multipliers working properly:



On Crit:




The problem is that Valkyr relies heavily on that damage caused by the stealth attack to regain health.


On other melee weapons that stealth attack multiplier works perfectly giving satisfactory results but whips are some what bugged at the moment so It would be nice if those numbers were more consistent  with whips.


I love melee weapons but bugs like this prevents me form enjoying the game.


Thanks for Reading.

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This isn't just an issue with the Atterax but with all whips.


I think this might be intended as far as I can remember they have always worked this way so you can immediately follow up with a ground finisher


You would still be able to follow up with a ground finisher if the stealth attack multiplier were actually applied as they are with most other weapon types. This is inconsistent behavior, and I've made a list of all the weapon types that have similar issues.

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