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New: Radio Chatter Contest!

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Tenno, we have joined forces with IGN to help gamers get their voice in Warframe!

We’re taking casting calls for new Liset radio chatter voices! Not only have we drafted up lines for you to choose from, but we also wish to hear what you can come up with. Do you have what it takes to be Warframe’s next Radio sensation?

Shout-out to solidsp33d for the awesome idea!

How to enter:
Record your unique 10 second Radio Chatter AND 1 line selected from the list, and submit it at http://ca.ign.com/wikis/ign-community-central/Warframe_Radio_Chatter_Contest
Note- Submitting either a unique or preselected line will grant you eligibility. You do not need to submit both.

Line List:

Note: All Grineer numeric communication is done in the Grineer language. The following are the numbers 1-10
1. uk
2. tok
3. chee
4. forr
5. fhuve
6. shux
7. sevenk
8. ehught
9. nhune

Alert, the Tenno! They're here! Requesting immediate back up, at Sector nhune, co-ordinates tok - sevenk - fhuve - Please! Please no! *scream*

Command, this is recon ship tok-forr-chee reporting from Mecury. Picking up trace void shadows all over, has to be the Tenno. Send reinforcement to co-ordinates ehught-nhune… what? They’re gone. Where?... Stand by command.

Command this is Grustrag Transport uk-tok. Stand by for delivery of cargo.
(Pause for unheard response)
Docking now. Oh and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll prepare a FULL security detail in receiving. (sigh)Can’t wait for these monsters to be your problem and not mine.

Recon tok-forr-chee come in. Confirm reports of Tenno in the vicinity. Tok-forr-chee can you confirm. Do you read me. Tok-forr-chee do you... RAMN… gone.

Command, we’ve breached the ship. What is growing all over the walls and floors? Disgusting, it looks like its ... alive?
No command. No sign of any personnel. Requesting orders, how do we proceed? ....Hold on a second. I think I heard something.

(to command) Merchant Transport 5-6-2 requesting… (to someone else) Hey, would you stop messing with the lights? I swear, nothing works on this… Hey... identify yourself… wah… no it can’t be. No… no... there’s no such thing as the…(static)

Rail Control. This is merchant transport 3-3-9-8 reporting for passage.
(Pause for unheard response)
Rail Control, I don’t see why boarding would be necessary. Perhaps if I sent over a sample container of my wares, you could inspect that. I mean, you wouldn’t even need to send it back.(cutoff)
(Pause for unheard response)
Okay, okay, how about I send over five containers for inspection?
(Pause for unheard response)
Ah. A pleasure doing business with you Rail Control.

Attention Grineer. This is a Priority Directive. All evidence of Orokin Technology must be reported to Admiral Vor immediately. Failure to do so will be considered treason.

What was that? Did you hear that? No? Oh, I’m getting jumpy. Four ships in the last lunar cycle, all gone.
You know, he might have been crazy but Alad V dealt with the betrayers head on… not like that coward Frohd… wait, what do you mean I’m on an open channel. Oh for the… (click)

Command. Need immediate reinforcements. Tenno raid in progress. They’ve found the passenger. They’re hurting him… no… wait… where’d he go?

Need a submission example?

Unique Line: https://soundcloud.com/coolnamehere-1/unique-voice-example-unprocessed
Preselected Line (Unprocessed): https://soundcloud.com/coolnamehere-1/preselected-line-raw

Preselected lines must be raw so we can effectively process them on our end:
Processed preselected line: https://soundcloud.com/coolnamehere-1/preselecetd-line-processed

Upload your recording to Soundcloud, and paste the URL link right into your submission post at http://ca.ign.com/wikis/ign-community-central/Warframe_Radio_Chatter_Contest

See official IGN rules here: http://m.ca.ign.com/wikis/ign-community-central/Warframe_Radio_Chatter_Contest_Official_Rules
Submission must be submitted at 
Submissions must be from Soundcloud
One submission per user
Players can submit MAX 1 unique line and MAX 1 preselected line
Unique recordings must be no longer than 10 seconds
Recordings must be raw (unprocessed)
Do not use recordings that don’t belong to you
Submissions must be appropriate in nature and in the current lore of Warframe

1 unique voice recording will be implemented in the Liset based on creativity and ability to keep within the lore of Warframe.
4 preselected line recordings will be implemented in the Liset based on creativity and grasp of the character being casted.
All 5 winners will also receive 500 platinum!

The contest starts today October 8, 2014 and ends November 8, 2014.

Warm up your vocal chords and get recording!

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