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I'm Here To Correct An Anoying Misconception


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I honestly wonder if the DEs are having a good time laughing at this thread. I know I am. 



I kind of always thought that Oberon's horns always looked like these goat horns (Edit: reversed):




I thought his Markhor Helmet looked like Deer Antlers:




But then, the Markhor is a type of goat:




But that looks more like the Oryx Helm:




Well I agree he looks more like a stag,but let's quote the wikia.


Oryx refers to a genus of four antelope species, which the helmet resembles.

Markhor is species of wild goat that has distinctive, corkscrew-like horns.


So yeah,it's pretty clear that the concept is based more on goats.

But you know what ? He is majestic as hell,no matter what mammal he is based on.


It's just a matter of tastes after all,but I  find him the most attractive male warframe of all.

Also,he can be colored in many ways and can result either very fantasy-like and even very demon-looking.


Oberon is fabulous,point blank and period.

These Tenno have it right. Depending on the helm you use you are either an antelope or a goat. Since you said this is a scientific investigation lets do a bit of sciency stuffs. Technically speaking antelopes are not deer or goats or bison or sheep etc. They belong to the Bovidae (pronouced bo-vee-day) family, while deer belong to the Cervidae (pronounced sir-vee-day) family. Antelope have horns and deer have antlers. So, going by the wiki Oberon is a goat or an antelope, not a deer or a stag.  But in the end this is all you need:



Oberon is not called goat because he looks like a goat.




It's okay, simple mistake.

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