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Warframes Against Humanity


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So I've been working on a deck for Cards Against Humanity themed around Warframe. Here's a link:

http://www.cardcastgame.com/browse/deck/6MBNR (Sorry if the forum doesn't allow links and the thing to the left of this gets removed...if it doesn't, the deck code is 6MBNR and you can find it at Cardcast. Just google that.)


Some of what I've got thus far (for the lulz and also so that people don't have to go to that page to see all the cards - this will only be most of them, though):

-Every Frame's name individually.

-The 3 Factions' names.

-A black card involving Greedy Milk.

-"Having so many Nano Spores you could drown a continent in them."

-"The Majestic Pink Shorts."


I want to try to get to at least 20 black cards, maybe 60-80 white cards. Dunno as of right now, just got bored and decided to do this.

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