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dev appreciation thread


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i really think some devs don't know that, despite the flameing and whining that you can find in forums and in games, we truly do appreciate the effort you put in, so thank you guys for the hard work.

would just like a thread that the devs can go read occasionally on bad days to get a bit of encouragement.

also my most recent brush with "wow the devs are working hard", i was searching around for stuff about the pro system for various reasons. i came up with several reasons to just not play for a while until some issues are fixed. the game was updating in the background and the listed updates had already fixed the problems i had. before i even had a chance to get mad about bad design the problems were fixed.

darn it devs you worked too fast and i didn't get the chance to get irrationally mad at you.

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yes even though its a beta and us nerds can be a little tough and focus on the negative or the what could be fixed, i love this game so far.

it can only get better and you guys seem to actually listen to feedback and care about making a great game.

you guys are really appreciated, great work so far.

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