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Dojo - Room Destroying Bug?


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So I've made the decision to reorganize my dojo.  It really needed it (rooms were all over the place!), and I've been putting it off for a while, so I took the plunge and am slowly getting rid of virtually everything to start over.


I was trying to destroy the grandest top-tier clan hall.  I already got rid of everything connecting to it, except the hallway connecting it to the rest of the dojo.  When I tried to queue the room for destruction, I got a message that there were child components that needed to be destroyed first.  It made no sense as there was nothing else [superfluous] connected to the room.


I opted for the map to display the necessary components that needed to be destroyed first, and the map highlighted a reactor room on the other side of the map.  There were 2 rooms and 3 hallways between the reactor and the hall I was attempting to destroy.  Regardless, I went to the reactor in question, and when I tried to remove the room, got the message that the energy it provided was required for my dojo.  I relogged and tried again, and still no joy.  I tried to build another reactor somewhere else, and get rid of the reactor highlighted on the map as a prerequisite for destruction.  Nope.


The thing that ended up solving the issue was changing the spawn room.  The grandest clan hall I was trying to destroy was our current spawn room, and once I changed it to elsewhere, the room was able to be destroyed without issue. 


I'm guessing this is a bug; has anyone else run into this?  If it's a problem, maybe we can get a message that explains this (like those for reactor rooms, and rooms with child components)?  Something simple, like:  This room is currently set as the spawn room, and cannot be destroyed.  Set another room as the spawn room before continuing.

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