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Fix For The Rank Up Glitch



It seems that people lately have been having trouble to rank up when they click on the rank up button.

The problem that is happening is this:

- They click on the rank up button, wait a few seconds, get to the loading screen then they get sent straight back to their ship with a notification saying mission failed.

But there is a workaround to bypass that bug/glitch.

Follow these easy steps:

Turn matchmaking to SOLO


Restart Warframe

Click on rank up

And if you followed these easy 4 steps, you should have gotten past the loading screen and onto the test.

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You found the easter egg!

DE wanted us all to do this in the first place.

From U15, all operations in Warframe will require secret manipulations like this one \o/


*lights flickering*


Thanks for the tip, if it works.


Super Jumped from General Discussion.

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