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While Still A Little Early To Talk About, I Have A Plea For When It Comes To The Archwings.


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Please, for all that is holy, do not make the same mistake you did with the damage system and make the Archwings almost entirely reliant on one mod to be able to progress to later levels.


One of my biggest gripes with the relationship between the Damage and Module Systems is a certain set of Mods, specifically the "Necessary" Mods (Serration, Hornet Strike, etc...) and I do not wish for the Archwings, which have no such restrictions or relationship with the systems, to be crippled by this as well. 


Damage Mods that boost or add an element are fine in my eyes, but Mods like Serration or Hornet Strike which are there to be some kind of alternative to level-based progression are not.


And while I exaggerate about the reliance on the "Necessary" Mods, I still feel they are a major issue and the fact that they are "required" to be able to progress makes me feel a bit unsettled. It does not help that with things like Polarity Slots you'll be able to put them in nearly maxed at far earlier levels than intended, since that means your gun will suddenly quadruple in power.


I cannot stress enough how important of an issue this is, but sadly I am not nearly eloquent (or versed enough in the numbers of Warframe) to adequately explain why I want this to be different at a debatable level.


I apologize if this comes off as whiny, or if I was not able to explain my thoughts for this adequately.



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