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Tips For A Pc User Trying To Use Xbox Controller



Before I start: I'm a PC user, I love keyboard+mouse and I woldn't change it for anything.

I only use joypads in games with very bad porting(Dark Souls, PES or FF, ie), but otherwise I would never use a pad in place of standard PC settings.


But now, I find myself in a weird situation, as winter is coming(yea, brace yourselves)and keep on training by doing footing or bicycle can be................................uncomfortable.


So I thought "why can't I just do some cyclette warm at home while playing games that support joypads"?

Great idea!


I tried then to play Warframe with a 360 Controller and.....................well, it's not that bad actually, but I have to admit I don't feel very comfortable using it: moving camera is very, very quick and aiming is not as easy as with a mouse(you don't say...).


I feel I may get used to it, but I just wanted to know if any of you had to use a controller for any reason and found a way to make it as effective as a keyboard+mouse setting...or at least close enough!

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I play with controller when I wanna sit back and relax or if I have to cook or something. I usually just use keyboard and mouse. I think the best way to make playing with a controller easier is to have a proper auto tracking camera. the issue I have with warframe on a controller is there are too many buttons I have to press to do what I need and this would make one less thing I have to use. I seriously have no clue how you console players do it. 


dead zones on the controllers are something you may want to look at, as well as the actual sensitivity of the analog sticks, this will help with aiming and stuff. make sure you have aim assist on for controllers.


I practice with guns like the phage with controllers so I can slowly get more accurate.

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On the rare occasion I do play with a controller, it's because I injured my wrist throwing someone.

That being said, I tend to use weird key bindings. I use X for actions, Y to melee, LT to toggle block and RT hold to channel.

For gunplay, I use RT to fire, LT to aim, RB for abilities, D-pad L/R to move abilities, LB to change weapons, L stick for crouch, Down for waypoint, Up for items, B to reload, A to jump, and R stick press/hold to roll/sprint.

It's much easier to play that way, since bindings are placed in priority order (easier to reach for ones used more often). I also move controller sensitivity to about 75% and work my way up, usually using a Latron or other semi-auto to get accustomed to aiming.

I tend not to use aimbot unless it's for melee attacks. Getting used to using the aim button is something I highly recommended for controllers. Work your way up by 5-10% when you get good with the controller settings. At max sensitivity you'll be just as good as any PC player, but you'll need to practice!

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I started out playing warframe with a 360 controller but later switched to mouse and keyboard. The only thing that was really a pain using the controller was hacking.


Mouse and Keyboard is superior imo but if you are used to playing shooters using a controller then this shouldn't be too hard of an adjustment. If you've never been a console gamer then the controls will feel like they are dragging you down until you get used to it. This is the kind of thing that is dependent on the person and you may never reach the point where you feel like you are as good as you could be using a standard control setup but you will get the hang of it after a while. 


If you want to be able to perform competitively with PC player who are using keyboard and mouse then I suggest playing with a very high sensitivity setting; this will be much much harder to get used to but players that master this can react faster and have a competitive edge. It will be a lot harder to aim so you won't want to start off with precision weapons.

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