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Anti Skill - Recruiting New Members!


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Hello everyone, our new clan, Anti Skill, is now recruiting! The name comes from the anime A Certain Magical Index,and its spin off, A Certain Scientific Railgun. We have all the research labs complete, a trading post, 2 obstacle courses, and 2 dueling rooms. Our clan emblem is also complete and can be previewed at the bottom of the post. We are looking for new members, whether you are a new player or veteran, if you are interested please look below for more information.

Clan Rankings
Accelerator,Railgun: Basically our main/co-leaders. They can do everything in the clan.
Esper: Our 2nd highest ranking, espers are made if u are active in our clan and have been helping out a lot. They can recruit,host the dojo, promote others, and queue up research.
Officer,Scientist,Judgement: Our 3rd lowest rankings, you will climb up the rankings the more active you are. These rankings can host the dojo,recruit other m embers, and queue up research.
Enforcer, Level Upper: Our lowest ranking, these are mainly made for new members, or people who are not following rules. They cannot perform anything in the clan.

1.No harassing other clan members of any sort. We are a friendly clan here, and we don't want any of this behavior.
2. Try to be active, if you are going to be inactive for a certain amount of time, please pm us. Higher rankings will determine if you are inactive or not.
3. Be social, we want you to talk to everyone and be friends here.
4. Just have fun and mess around! We are just a casual clan willing to play Warframe.
If rules are not followed, you may be demoted, or possibly kicked out of the clan.

How to Join our Clan
To join us, simply leave a post here with your IGN, or pm one of the main leaders here in the clan. Our IGNS will be posted below. We are currently open for recruiting.
Members: 17/30

Clan Leaders
IChaotik- The founder of the clan. The main leader of the clan.
321Gamer- One of the co-leaders of the clan. He helped with forming the clan, and contributed toward most of the research.
Derpatello- One of the co-leaders of the clan. Helped with dojo layout, design, and made our emblem.

Clan Emblem

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just use the english name a certain magical index, a certain scientific railgun, and there squeals  


and i see what you did there to get around the emblem rules you cut the top and bottom line of the original emblem so it wouldn't be copyright

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Any chance I can join? I am still new, but i'm not completely new.  Played a bit a while back but everything has changed. Recently started playing again and got hooked with all the new stuff. Definitely want to play a lot more.

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Hello, I played Warframe when it first came out, but wasn't that interested as my laptop can't play the game THAT well. However, I built my own gaming PC a while back and just rediscovered Warframe. I'd love a clan with some other members to play with. I'm currently not staying at my house and will either have to play on my laptop(so I can't promise the best performance) or the XB1, if any other clan members also play on XB1. Normally I'm in the West US, but currently(until the end of the holidays) am in the East part of the US.
IGN are same for PC and for XB1: sebtitan

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Hello I'm Interesting in the Clan, love the name btw :) I've been in a few clans since i started playing and even ran one for a while, that being said I am just looking for a friendly community willing to interact and help one another out, thanks for reading and send me an invite if you would have another player.



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I'm interested in joining, I've only been playing for about a week and I was hoping getting into a clan would help me with getting some planets completed. A major thing to note my inablity to play a lot over Friday and Saturday, I'm also not very interested in PvP as whole in addition to hearing that it isn't very balanced at the moment, if there are any questions you can contact me here or my IGN is InstantZzz.

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