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  1. that icon shows in inventory on items you have mastered (weapon bp, warframe bps, but not on parts) cleaning out your stuff regularly helps.
  2. Disrupted redirection: -90% shields, 15% power strength tainted recovery: -50% health, 160% faster knowdown recovery would be good corrupt mods as exilus
  3. seen a few people having issues with it not finishing updating.
  4. the longer duration for anchor the longer it takes to rewind. imo grenade duration should be the short 10(soon 13) seconds on drop to ground, but after a player picks up the shield one it should have a timer the same as dispensary, as the slash nades going fast is right imo. the turret is going to be changed to show duration instead of ammo which is good, but i feel that it should be set up that ammo should still be a stat shown, and that when it fires the duration should restart therefore if the turret is not fireing it despawns, that way it only despawns when empty or when its not hitting things fast enough aka not enough enemy's in front of it. anchor is just problematic to me, its concept is press and spam all your energy and ammo, but dispensary keeps you so full your already spamming anyway. and i get it has a damage storage which does feel like its only real use it doesnt really feel worth using
  5. de try not to base appearance around stats, arcane helmets were discontinued tho players still own them, arcane were moved off helmet and syndana to slots in upgrade screen as to also avoid appearance locking, landing craft has just been split so that ship appearance doesnt effect what support charge you get. making operator armor have set bonus would make exclusive set bonus for the two prime sets and the emissary set. it would also effect appearance to be more based around meta set bonus rather then appearance preference. with amps i do agree, there is basically 3 builds, meta tridolon pre old mate, meta tridolon post old mate and meta profit taker. but with the coming adult operator with the paradox next year operators look to appear to be able to use any weapon. myself i would like to see the hand held amps from the concept art show up.
  6. first skill duration to level scale is broken. goes from 10s at rank zero to 10s at rank 30. 10/15/20/10. turret has no timer tool tip and exist for so little time it feels pointless to cast, doesnt even expend all ammo for is sent back to the void.
  7. you dont have to do it. its free, the items will show up again in intermissions. and its 100x better then alerts were as it lets you do it on your own time.
  8. chroma plus hema my dude. mirage no longer self flamable yea problem need augment to effect it as a toggle state skill volt meta anyway in the place you are talking about for them
  9. umbral echos final version will hopefully be the way of making any frame like umbra so no need for more umbra frames.
  10. given umbra forma's limited state i think the ability to uninstall umbral forma to and install in another frame, in general would be nice.
  11. have you seen the deluxe sword skin from nidus pack. it is in your arm.
  12. kavats dont have collars. just kubrows. but i do agree with the idea, that pets are kinda shafted on modding as their weapon isnt mod able separate unlike a sentinel or moa
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