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  1. and add the feature of riding the saw until you opt out like was said on stream, and probably add a different spam left click well walking animation, and make the spin up saw into a hold well station and a hold well walking. as per https://www.twitch.tv/warframe/clip/TenderDarlingTomatoBlargNaut-N3fz5HwyV0iBlDqv
  2. dentincyst, heavy infested version, appears to have a mouth for a barrel, its teeth dirt and sharp some black ready to fall right out, smashs its jaws together forcing its teeth to fly out of its mouth with force, 32% chance to fire black teeth which deal a forced gas proc per tooth (pallet). 32 Pallets base, has only slash damage no other damage types. dentincyst nightwave augment: gingicytis, per hit +100% status chance on next shot. enemies explode on death dealing 32 gas damage (+32% enemy max health) in a 32 meter radius (forced gas proc, stuns player).
  3. ? in the target board is a paris arrow, a heat dagger, a kunai and a hikou. on the table is ammo, a lex, 2 kunai and the hip holster for them, a hikou and the paris bow against the table. i cant find a prova.
  4. check your foundry for "personal quarters segment blueprint". the room doesnt open until that blueprint is crafted, which is rewarded for completing chains of harrow. (loot from system mail can not be delete from your inbox, its in your inventory before you even view the system mail).
  5. thank you for keeping us updated, seems to be working again now
  6. can you edit the main post so we see your response about whats going on, as new messages get swamped
  7. its good that it happened now as we have hours for them to fix it before the time people actually need to be on
  8. i would have to agree that what is used as an enemy cc, being a main part of a whole class of weapons is kind of weird (halikar disarm, drahk masters) meanwhile glaives are thrown and can be called back with the push of a button, and one of these things is getting a nerf because they are so over tweaked, compared to being part of the primaries section of the game that is receive a mod buff as they are under used compared to melee.
  9. steel path plays like the game used to way back in the day, using the frame thats class best suits the objective will save you time, if you gear isnt killing stuff and the objective is to kill you need to go back to the normal chart cos you still need to farm some mods to get your builds up and running enough aswell as learning more, dont take steel path as hard, take it as you arent strong enough yet.
  10. do be careful early game as helios devours simaris/codex scanners very quickly till you have scanned most common things enough which are a lot of scans. once you have enough standing with simaris you can get a widget that gives you infinite simaris scans out of 1 simaris scanner. every collectable is scannable at any point, some are only in quests but those quests can be replayed, a couple of collectables are easier to find in quest but the main one is in vor's prize after saving darvo the extraction tile is a very uncommon extraction tile and has one collectable on it, vor's prize is not repayable saddly.
  11. plague star REWARDS last came in Halloween from naberus
  12. Grimm

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    mandatory spys are to get you to under stand the mission, frames arent worth paying for so putting them on sale is pointless focus is focus, solo stealth farming is a function of stealth booster being personal i agree just like how mods show you were the drop now in the mods console spys are only an issue if you cant do it faster then the randoms can mess it up.
  13. the point is to add limited mr item, that you have because you have been dedicated to the game. its not like you cant reach mr 30 without having them.
  14. plague star loot was provided via naberus less then a year ago, and was played instead of plague star. try again.
  15. i know, its the same animation, and still kills you if you arent tanky, like most people werent back then,
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