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  1. I dont want them. i would like new ones for new frames.
  2. Little disappointed hoped you guys had finally decided bringing them back in some way and releasing new ones might be worth while consider they tend to be edge case replacements for arcanes anyway.
  3. speaking off would we see a anti reinfection for kavats
  4. where you say voidrig replace it with necramech. there are 2 and a third on the way. also most of what you suggested is the demo content they showed for oplink. which they are hopefully still working toward as they are the replacement for the raid system. which is also why cy says this is a raid all the time
  5. what about "fixed necramech drain skills being uncastable if the necramech died well it was active"
  6. dude i would rather they fix velorum prime sigil first. since they added double colours for energy it has not had its old double energy on the protal effect. it used to be colourable so that your portal had 2 different colours in it, one being the sigil colour, the other being the warframe energy colour and then you had your metal which was your warframe accent.
  7. i think VIREMIA and CONTAGION will have interesting play. imo only the toxin and electric ones since most weapon builds tend to have heat, and ice tends to just kinda be not worth using. the main profit is addiction status type for condition overload
  8. i think part of the original intent was for it to be a modular system as we were originally shown three models. but probably due to the strained time they were under for releasing Deimos, as they had a confirmed release date for all platforms, meaning they required a stable build for for certificate for consoles that was not overly buggy since they cant just hotfix console like they do pc, they had to change ideas and also leave content out, such as the level 40 system for them, there even being more then one, the melee system for them. myself i think the way the voidrig necramech is currently
  9. consider its a client side saved info not a server side saved info, they could allow use to favorite more, myself i would like it to function similarly to the mods screen where we can scroll across. make it a 10 high and infinite wide adding a 10 column every time a column is filled, limited to 10 wide visible at a time, like with mods how off screen isnt visible, but off screen would be before warframe as not to cover what your colouring.
  10. yes de cant test every possible pc set up or every possible player to player connection variable. meaning there will also be bugs on launch even with the test cluster use. its just a fact if gaming, either we accept that de work hard to get out what they can and its buggy and we do our best to report issues
  11. myself i want less of an island state of railjack, as i enjoy the hell out of it and find it to be a good way to acquire credits and affinity well also being a change up to eso, so, hydron and index. myself i think the addition of a fissure system to rail would be interesting. i could imagine a system where you could open them in bulk by loading them into the cargo hold , the more you take the more you are required to do in a single railjack mission or may it be mission in a row
  12. a lot of frames have been hit hard by the lack of requirement for certain types of supports, specially with the way most of the current "endgame" functions compared to the old "endgame", such as eidolons not being effected by skills other then skills that are effecting the player rather then an enemy target. the last time banshee shinned was when trinity could self damage link. aka dps trinity. as the link did body damage applying sonar in large amounts caused trinity to insta kill the map in index. with the lack of long run content due to gamers with lifes having complained about the o
  13. sonar spam is a good allie buff as it allows for body target skills to be buffed like mesa etc. her ability to deafen and ccs large amounts of enemys also opens to stealth damage making marked for death viable on her
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