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  1. can you like make it so people cant set up shop infront of maroo. it gets annoying when you rush up to maroo then your trading some rude person who standing like just infront of or next to
  2. what i want is a toggle optiion to make the amp not visible, which would put be back to my chosen animation set, make my operators amp not look like a dead sentient spider hybrid. new parts only matter if they are better then the meta amp.
  3. dont forget you only need to do 60% of the challenges to gain enough. i have been playing for 5 years and for 3 i would log in every day, it was only in the last year i slowed to nearly less then once a week, nigthtwave has me back to at least once a week to do the missions. if you have burn out take a break, nightwave has a recover system you can skip a week then come in and do both weeks challenges excluding the dailys.
  4. i just spent a couple hours helping an mr 5 speed run bounty 3 for gara neuroptics because he had only been getting the revenant systems. after those few hours together i have gained 5 revenant systems and no gara neuroptics. he claimed to had been doing it from 4 am to 4 pm with no luck. the drop table says they are both equal % chance. we even got 2 on one bounty. something is wrong with the mission drop table. or the game scews the drop table if one player has the revenant quest running, as he still had it in progress. if the quest scews the drop table ingame should inform you of this some how so players know the futility of running the bounty for the gara neuroptics because they will only get revenant systems
  5. Grimm

    Colours reset on login

    we have been able to favorite legacy and non legacy of the same colour for ages. the issue in question here was the fact alot of players set colours on warframes would reset on login. somehow i had been able to fix this for my own client when it started happening but next time i heard people where still having the issue i couldnt remember what exactly i did to force a fix
  6. Grimm

    operator arms

    i think it would be cool if we could equip our operator arms separately. crewed example Edit: for some reason i have a glitch were that new suit doesnt get recolored like ive seen in others screenshots of it)
  7. fix it for you, its not a bullet point of its own now
  8. tatsu is also the first japanese warframe sword with a japanese name in the game. tatsu means dragon, which is interesting since when you spin attack it unleashs energy dragons that seek out enemys. i never fully charge tatsu unless its an accident, spin to win weeping tatsu is so fun. also renamed it ryujin, seeking dragon and the name of the serpent king
  9. read the skill info in game should tell you all you need to know. google nekros builds and look for despoil/shield of shadows build and grind for the mods to make the version of that you like
  10. so Reshade works again??? without the laucher deleting its dll when opened?
  11. one of the issues i find with self damage weapons doesnt come from myself but other people walking in front of hem as i fire. thats why my suggestion is mods that make the self damage % of ehp, then you have more changes for things like this to happen without being wiped across the floor and this still allows other self damage to be used for chroma etc with full damage output, the % would give you a few chances to accidentally get hit but would burn your arse if you tried to just pump your shots like you would with a normal weapon
  12. i agree, exploiting is directly mentioned in the terms of services as earning you punishment for doing such things. being able to exploit an endless mission to go longer then is possible without exploiting allows you to yield more rewards then you should, its the same reason Q members got banned for Egate exploiting with non line of sight mag with greedy pull allowing them to make thousands of each mod that could drop there.
  13. there needs to be a mod for all wepaon types that makes damage taken from self harm weapons a % of ehp rather then your damage from your weapon. thats what i see as a fix that still lets self harm be useful well giving a safe guard from accidently insta killing yourself, as the mod that ats 99% resistance to self harm does nothing because your weapon gets moded so high for damage you still get wiped
  14. clearly you have never interacted with a competitive clan mate. if you tracked the leaderboard before and after the patch you would have seen that the clan with the largest overwall score didnt drop, but the clan with the highest placed individuals did, because people care about the leaderboards, you may not but dont be oblivious to the fact millions of points worth or players do. any score above 5k is someone who wants to go beyond and be better then just achieving, they are at they beginning of wanting excellence. Edit: your also stuck on ground slams knocking people off the map, demos are not knock able by ground slams etc. and even then when someone falls of the map normally it just gets re-instanced in the world not insta death
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