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  1. it can only be a spector rewarded from a rescue mission, it cant be any other type of spector.
  2. the nukor was one of the worst grineer weapons till its kuva variant. the granum weapons are not to snuff at, if they have similar alterations we could see a new meta side arm or primary replacing the tenno cedo and the grineer kuva nukor, the tenno kronen is not grineer either, lenz was previously one of the primaries i would see most, lanka was prominent in early eidolons, and the previous strongest melee omha seeing its main use during the disruption event being meta to high score runs. dont knock a weapon manufacture because they are off meta currently.
  3. plague star provides built forma, relics provide forma bps, lua puzzle drops built forma, railjack also provides forma. if you cant farm forma its not de making you spend money to get it. the next plague star is right around the corner too.
  4. Logitech g502 to move common cast skills to as well as control is kind of a requirement hardware wise for most high cast frames when moving, the hold can be swapped in settings and myself i played inverted hold tap on all frames and it saves a lot of time and hand strain in most cases, its great on larvos, as well as it only being a push to initiate zephyr tends to not be to bad, i find my main issue with it is more when trying to use it for movement rather then a consistent slam, unless your in an open world your hitting walls more then gauss
  5. I dont want them. i would like new ones for new frames.
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