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  1. i played a few days with a wreck and not putting anything into then after all that time of not getting a better stat roll i put all the resources in and the first game after putting all those resources in i got a better roll. you are missing the cancel button from the foundry that can be done well something is counting down the crafting time.
  2. you are correct, the muzzle flash colours for all weapons are decided by the energy colour. the fact he is calling it obnoxious means he is calling his own colour choices bad
  3. both the bonus for kuva weapons and for railjack weapons/components need to be shown somewhere at all times on the items themselves. i call it an oversight that they didnt do somethin and release for either or on kuva after the first week or so
  4. Grimm

    Kuva Lich and Index

    you get it all back once you kill the lich. i had a pub dude who had a few million credits sitting in a lich, was funny he was so happy to kill it
  5. its called being burnt out. take a break. the devs are working hard so dont blame them for natural burn out. just take a break for a few months.
  6. ok, but you broke normal trade stations...
  7. this is a terrible change. it glaive meant i could use my side arm and melee to get my buff and shoot without changing weapon. so now i have to go back to a self damage primary to save time..
  8. given my experience in helping new players i say alot of them give up on there first glitch or when they cant do a junction. alot will get stuck at mr 0 unable to complete the plains node as it requires mr 1 to complete. others will get stuck on a junction they cant complete because they havent learnt how to mod thus can not understand how to defeat the junction, others will quit once they have all things and are bored as hell and will return when new content comes out just to vanish again after completing all the new content.
  9. exilus weapon slot???? are you going to provide a way to gain more capacity? as there isnt enough for that slot to be worth using in exchange for trading out some other mod in your build so you have enough cap to add to it. will full forma riven builds there is barely any cap left. imo those heavily under used utility mods could be turned into weapon arcanes and the unlock being a weapon arcane slot instead, which means your putting it in without it costing the capacity of your build. another mod slot is only useful if we can gain more capacity.
  10. @[DE]Rebecca you go on holiday for a little bit and this happens xD
  11. please for the love of every thing that i unholy, can we get some epic operator horns like something @Debbysheen would draw.
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