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Archwing Broken Keybinding


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The descend function (hold crouch button) for the archwing is stuck on it's default value (left control / left bumper for controllers). Even if you change the bindings in the options menu your descend function stays on left control / left bumper. You can not have this function on any other button OR have any other function on this button.


Now for pc this is less of a problem due to the amount of available keys but on controller I cannot rebind anything to the left bumper (which I use for the boosters / sprint). So now I am stuck with the problem that LB is descend and my B button does nothing. Along with that I have no way to use the boost function.


Please remove this permanent keybinding since it is really, REALLY annoying when you're used to the same controls for 100)+ ingame hours. I would hate having to change my layout completely due to archwing.


So please fix this issue as soon as possible or give archwing a separate control setup which I can accommodate to if absolutely needed.


EDIT corrected a small mistake

Edited by zY_Spartan_Yz
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