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How Do I Antifan


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Admittedly clickbaitish title aside, I ran into this issue when I was running a Archwing mission:




Basically, this damn fan acted as a barrier, and just beyond it was the place I needed to go to complete my mission, Tried spamming missiles and gunshots at it to no effect, tried boosting through just to get thumbed back, and in general I ran into a brick wall and had to abort. Did I just get screwed over with worldgen setting traps or what here?

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Your minimap is indicating that you need to go to the right, not straight ahead. Was the fan preventing you from taking the hall to the right, where the enemy icons are located?


Yes, yes it was. The fan's airgust was literally covering that entire hallway junction up to past the doorway, every attempt I did to try and bypass it didn't work. It was like playing an old Playstation game before they learned to disguise invisible walls, more or less. Occasionally I could dash into the area, but nearly the second after I'd tumble backwards before I could alter trajectory into the hallway.


And as far as I could tell, there wasn't a handy area to destroy power to it in the tile, or another path I could take.

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