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Vay Hek Is A Pain


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A friend and I have had some trouble farming Hydroid parts recently. This stems from 2 frustrating problems.

* Prosecutors are incredibly rare, you'd be lucky to find 1 if you go out looking for them. The fact that they are the only enemy capable of dropping any of the 4 beacons means you have to go farm them.


* Hek is a damage sponge, lots of cc, has damage reduction, and is pretty mobile. This altogether isn't so bad, but the fact that he heals as well is the straw that broke the camel's back. The heal wouldn't even be so much of a pain if it didn't heal so much, so quickly, through walls, with Hek facing the opposite direction to the heal target. It's not difficult to take out the heal target when the animation isn't glitched. It's just a shame it's glitched the majority of the time.

Hek faces the wrong direction, his beam goes through walls, and the beam doesn't even line up properly with the target. There have been instances when the beam didn't show up at all, so we had no idea where the target was.

The TL;DR of it is this: Make prosecutors spawn more often, or makes beacons easier to farm in general. Also, Please fix Hek's heal so it does the proper animation and maybe adjust the healing rate so it's a more gradual heal instead of regaining all of his health in 5 seconds.

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