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New Defence-Challenge Mission With Bosses


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Defence Missions are my favorites, but imagine a new mission ex. on Pluto(coz have the highest lvl) every 5 waves a boss spwn(buffed on health dmg etc). Bosses must be hard (rly hard) and have 100% drop chance for a BS/RareMod(it depend the boss and the round).

And last boss that rogue called Stalker who have chance to drop other things like the extra helmets and blablablabla :D

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A boss every 5 levels would probably break the game. Enemies are supposed to break the cryopod, and most bosses are bullet sponges, some immune to most kinds of CC.

If devs implement this in a way that he is focused on destroying the cryopod, being the bulletsponge that he is, and dealing high damage as you suggested, he'd break it nearly every time, resulting in mission failure.

Is that what you want?

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