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Archwing: Interception Ai At Points


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There seems to be an odd behavior in enemy AI when tagging points, along with a bug in their capture range.  I see this behavior quite often if no Tenno engage the enemy before they get to their intended destination:


AI chooses a point to fly to, and flies there at max speed.

AI reaches the destination, and one (the first?) begins capturing it.

All of the AI (including the one capturing it) then proceed immediately to another location (not waiting to capture it) proceed directly there.

The capture process is still going on, however no enemy is nearby to kill to stop the capture, and will eventually capture the point "ghost style"

If the enemy that was doing the capture is killed (anywhere on the map) before the capture is finished, the capture will be interrupted (as far as I can tell)

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I think I understand what you're saying and it appears to be intended.


The AI in Archwing game modes will pick one point every spawn wave. A, B, C, or D. When they spawn, they will zerg to that point unless a player intercepts that path. After they arrive at the point, they attempt to begin capture, and then fly away to engage the nearest Tenno.


The reason I think this is intended: It is much easier to defend point D which is 2,872m away when the enemy capping it flies to you. It essentially allows players to split between 1/2 points to kill enemies and not worry about losing capture points frequently due to the travel time. The big red circle and tether make it fairly easy to find and kill that enemy.


The downside of course being that this mechanic is not clear to many players and someone not paying attention to the zerging at A while sitting/defending D won't think to go intercept the red bubble enemy. And of course it is irritating when they spawn and rush the point they are trying to capture one by one, resulting in a large chain of enemies you have to kill to prevent capture.


If they do adjust this at all, I think they should introduce some sort of cooldown to points to prevent this from happening. If you kill an enemy attempting to capture a point, no other enemy can begin capturing it for ~5-10 seconds. This will allow players the time to clear out the swarms of enemies with 100% aim accuracy and status procs (with no cover fire available and being attacked from all sides) without fear of losing capture points.

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