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Archwing Inerception Missions Critical Flaws


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Dear DE, 


first of all thanks for the timely update U15 and loads of fixes towards it.


That's nice realy. And it's about the new wings right? Now playing said mission are the most frustrating part.


Not being a host means:


1. Any time ingame even from very connection to host there may be zero waypoints on your navigation.They can suddenly appear-disappear as they will.

2.Inviso-enemies that are capable to fire homing missiles / capture points / hold them causing "Conflict status"

3.Phantom enemise that delays the end of the round for as lon as the markes of said phantoms disappear - this happens at pure random.

4.Emergency evac.As if it was not enough obstacles there are random emergency evac.Wow.So much fun when you fail the mission at pure random losing all progress you gained.


With all above said missions become frustrating - we fight the bugs not enemies. Hope this was not intended.


I am sure I'm not the only one having noticed that and hope the whole thing will be playable soon enough.



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Also, a ''incoming missiles'' indicator would be nice so I know when to activate my disarray/core vent to break missile locks, since hellion dargyns are way to unbalanced (you can hardly see the difference between bullet and missile,+ the sound is so minute that it cant be heard in the middle of a fight), 1-shotting me on saturn while I have over 1K shields an 500 health while other units only manage to tickle me.

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