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Unique And Interesting Weapon Ideas


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Let's brainstorm some crazy-&#! weapons since this universe has no reason to be bound by normal reality. 


The Harpoon Thruster Thing


It's a harpoon you shoot that can impale common enemies (lancers, chargers, crewman) and can then activate thrusters you can control to haphazardly fly and slam it's body into enemies causing damage. 


The magic bullet


A handgun that fires bullets you can control for 1-3 seconds (lower the better to keep the action fast paced). 


The lucky seven


A spiffy handgun with a very low critchance that has seven bullets in the chamber. If all seven bullets crit it becomes supa-fied and the bullets do 500 damage for the next set of seven rounds. If all of those crit, the next seven do 1000 damage. If all THOSE crit, the next ones instagib anything they shoot. It resets back to normal status after this.

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how about just a grappling hook

standard melee attacks but charge attack is a ranged pull that can pull anything into range and has a stun/knockdown effect

can also be used to traverse the areas faster (graple high areas instead of wallrunning/finding stairs

(only problem is kinda overlaps with mags pull ability)

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