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  1. To be honest I just got distracted and forgot. Your return jogged my memory! In any case I look forward to what you come up with, I was hoping the asteroid belts would be mission location from back when they teased U14.
  2. Oh you're back, hi! ...I should finish that Venus pic.
  3. Jackal isn't gone, there is also a new boss called Vulture that doesn't have drops that where specified, just "Quest Rewards".
  4. That's pretty much how I picture the Neptunian indoctrination temples. Just endless cubicles where captured civilians are worked to the bone until they've broken down enough to want to join the Crew just as an escape.
  5. Uranus does have 5 Dwarf-Planet sized moons and about a dozen little ones. Plenty of room for more stuff.
  6. I want Pluto! As of last livestream Uranus is looking like the aquatic Grineer cloning hub. PS: You're welcome ;)
  7. The promised Mercury concept art! I'll get to Venus as well. No promises when, there are a couple other things I wanna do first.
  8. My version of a basic Red Veil Partisan. To show rank they could also have increasingly complex Syandana Operatives have the normal Rakta. For partisans it adds a shell like part over the "wings" and Assassins get a long tail as well
  9. It is for me too now. WTH? Anyway, you might like to know I'm working on some concept art for this. It might take a bit, so hopefully I get it done before you get bored with it :)
  10. I was re-reading and the derelict spoiler doesn't seem to be working.
  11. I doubt it's Ceres. DE says that isn't an ocean, it's toxic runoff.
  12. Cool. That is hopefully what DE is doing anyway with the water tile and Earth.
  13. Fair 'nuff. I can live with another Infested location :)
  14. 1. I can't say I like the idea of the Derelicts being more infested for purely aesthetic reasons. They are easily my favourite tiles and it seems like a shame to change them very much. How about the possibility of Orokin nanotech scrubbers that have been fighting a loosing battle for the hundreds of years it's been. It still lets the Derelicts look like they do but gives a logical reason they aren't pure biomass. 2. I like the proposed mission changes but I'm not sure I'm sold on the Rescue monster "surprise". Maybe it should only have a chance at happening instead of being every time jus
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