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Forced Extraction Is Back? (Archwing Interception)


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Two friends of mine were playing the Earth Interception, and for some reason, my friend TheTric got "emergency extraction" while heading back to the D objective. According to what he said, he didn't go too far out of bound, and there were no warnings of this happening; the cutscene just played where he's getting extracted.


It's also important to note that he was the only one affected. Additionally, his end-of-mission screen seems bugged. It doesn't show all the mods he acquired up to that point.



In fact, he got NOTHING from the mission besides that extra Bleeding Edge. Here is my end-of-mission screen to show some mods he should have acquired.


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There is an invisible field that prevents you from going too far off the Open Arena. Going out of this field causes you to extract and your mission insta-fails. *Both the Lotus and Ordis will try to warn you if you start reaching the edge, but theres usually not enough time to react*



So much for freespace, this mode should have been called Open Space, free space indicates infiniteness which is not what the gamemode is about per se imo

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