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Oh Look, It's Another Syndicate Feedback Thread


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So I don't know how many of you have been attacked by a death squad yet but I just got my first tonight from Perrin when they sent Moa's after me. All I can say is.....LOL ARE YOU KIDDING ME DE? THAT'S IT? That was so bad it wasn't even a joke. That nice short cutscene and voicework only for me to drop them all in a single shot without even any power use.




These enemies would only pose a threat to new or lower geared players but as we all know, none of them will be doing anything with the Syndicates (if they're smart) because of the INSANE sacrifce requirements.


Now that I'm done laughing at that, some suggestions.


Make these squads actually a threat in strength, and for said strength why not reward us with some sort of reputation amount with our faction(s) for staving them off?


Now it has also come to my attention that sigils have been indeed confirmed to NOT increase your rep gain with your factions so they are indeed nothing but a point sinking cosmetic waste for the most part. The costs of these sigils alone is rediculous being only a cosmetic item. Honestly I respect you guys a lot but whoever had the idea to make these THIS expensive for being a cosmetic only item.....must have been...you know what no, i'll get banned or my post deleted if I say it but you know where I'm going with that.




All that being said, I really wish you guys had taken your time with U15 instead of rushing it out (like I think you did) I know you're better than this. i've played some of your older games and loved them almost as much as this one.


Now to my fellow Tenno, whatever factions you chose, thoughts? opinions? stories of your first time being attacked by a death squad?

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