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Regional Chat And Friends Question

(XBOX)The Lylmik


I have a friend playing Warframe on XBOX One. In the XBOX friends section they show as in game for Warframe but I can not see them in the regional chat in Warframe. Not exactly sure how to invite them to a squad when they don't show up in any of the chat windows. Is this by design that only very few people show up in the regional chat or is this a bug as most times there is less than 20 people in my regional chat visible?

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By design, only players that post in the chats show up in the in-game chats.

Using "/inv playername" in the chat will allow you to send invites to any player you choose.


(Playername would be your friend's account name. Make sure it is exact in terms of character and special characters. Capital and lower case letters do not matter.)


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