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Hand-To-Hand Combat Idea


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Didn't know where this was to go so I put it here.

Why is it that a Tenno, alien ninja master of the galaxy, needs a melee weapon? Why can't it be that if our melee weapons are unequipped we can use our fists like the Harvester Escape mission? WE'RE NINJAS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

And besides, it'll make opening up crates and such a lot better rather than needing to shoot them.

This is just an idea that shouldv'e probably been in the game before now.

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No avenue to mod it, that is the biggest problem.

To that end, we have the kogake and Obex, equip those and feel free to go ham.

The second problem is, why fight unarmed when you have just over a meter of Tenno steel on your hip?

I promise you that a sword will always do more than a fist or foot.

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